Monday, March 14, 2016

#52ListsProject: Week 10

My goodness. Is it really only Monday night? I feel like today alone I experienced three days worth of stress-- no lie. So I'm glad that my Monday is coming to a close. Bring on Tuesday.

In other news, there's a lot of great things happening over here. I'm just a bit overwhelmed at the moment. So I'm trying to find that peaceful, workaholic place that used to be somewhere inside me during undergrad. And with no avail so far. But as things keep getting crazier, I just keep reminding myself that a) I put myself in this situation, and b) that this is all a blessing.

I'm out here living my dreams and doing everything in my power to get there. Most people can't say that. Yesterday I had one of those days where I was so overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do that I did nothing at all. And that's the worst feeling in the world. Sometimes finding the motivation to conquer the world is hard-- but I'm trying to find it and harness it this next month and a half. #GirlPower

Now onto yet another empowering list!

Week 10: List the Things You Should Ignore

  1. The voices in my head telling me I'm overwhelmed.
  2. My constant urge to procrastinate. 
  3. The haters.
  4. The opinions of people that don't matter. 
  5. The urge to eat more cheese. 
  6. The impatience that I exert on people.
  7. The things I cannot change. 
  8. My recent urge to eat all the ice cream. 
  9. The snooze button (instead of ignoring my alarm).
  10. The voices in my head telling me I'm not good enough. 

Let's get to work. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Weekend Reading

Funny story... This post said Happy Friday when I wrote it. And then I apparently forgot to post it. So. Happy Saturday, y'all!

I have fully recovered from my "time travel" on Monday and Tuesday and I'm ready to conquer the world this weekend. Can't wait to finally get back on top of things again- I've felt like a lost and confused puppy all week. But I did make some delicious peach cobbler yesterday, so I consider that  a big win.

Here's some links that caught my eye this week:

1. Ever wish there was a word to describe a simple, yet strange feeling that you experience from time to time? There probably is a word for that.

2. This article is a good reminder for all of us out there slowly wearing ourselves down. Don't be a victim of early career burnout-- take some time for yourself.

3. The way that the Braves' Freddie Freeman and his wife did their gender reveal will make even non-sports people get all the feels.

4. I obviously just got back from my trip to Vegas and I've got about 10 more trips planned in the coming months. This beautiful travel tote would be a great upgrade from my current one (and it's currently 25% off!). And if it wasn't for the price point on this laptop carrying case, I would snatch it up right this second.

5. My final sports link for the day. If you haven't already seen the Michael Phelps ad for Under Armour, now is the time to watch it. The 2008 version of myself finds it very difficult to let go of Phelps. This video gives me all the feels.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

#52ListsProject: Week 9

Live footage of me roaming around Athens, Ohio these past two days.

I returned from the strange city of Las Vegas at around 4am on Tuesday morning and I've been a walking disaster ever since. But I'm out here surviving and thriving and doing my best to avoid whining. Because I just had an amazing week, which I'll recap at some point soon. But for now- the usual list making.

Week 9: List the Things You Treasure Most
  1. My friends
  2. Gamma, Ninnie, and Daddy Frank watching over me from Heaven
  3. Cheese
  4. My family
  5. Coffee (Or any other caffeine source for that matter)
  6. My personal space
  7. Mojo Pup
  8. Every single friendship/relationship I have
  9. My health
  10. Netflix (Not even sorry about it)
  11. The University of Georgia
  12. Air conditioning
  13. Crossfit
  14. The Ohio Family
And much, much more. 

This list is obviously a strange mix, but in all honesty, I've really started to appreciate the amazing opportunities I've had in the past year. We tend to take for granted the things we have the opportunity to do, but sometimes its good to just take a second and reflect on life's blessings. I apparently had this same realization exactly one year ago as well...

A photo posted by cbeacham34 (@cbeacham34) on

That is still so relevant today as I try to manage 6 million different priorities and trying to be a rockstar at life. I just gotta remind myself that all of these priorities are blessings that somebody, somewhere else would kill to have.

Peace and blessings.