Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On Tuesdays, We Drink Wine

Disclaimer: Whining ahead. 

No. That was not supposed to be a pun. This is real.

I'll save you from another Tuesday list and save that for tomorrow. Today, I just need a minute. So here I am. At my desk. With all the wine I can find in the apartment. And unfortunately, this isn't the first time I've been here.

As long-time readers may know, I've always hated Tuesdays. There's a whole theory behind that, but I won't go into that right now. This semester, Tuesdays are a whole new level of terrible and I'm having a more difficult time than ever coping with the struggle. Wine and catching up on The Bachelor is not how adults handle life... I don't think. Or maybe it is and I've just finally figured it all out.

The only problem with that solution is that adults don't have homework. And I'm an MBA student. And I have have more than enough of that. Evenings wasted with wine and the urge to sleep forever aren't going to get me too far into this semester. This is the best I've got right now:

As usual, I started off this semester trying to make it the best yet. Really get motivated. Do my things. Be happy. And thus far, all I've got is frustration. I'm really in need of some real positivity in my life. and I've been looking to everyone around me for that with no avail. I even made myself a motivating desktop background in an attempt to keep me focused on my goals.... Nada. But at least it's pretty.

So I guess that's what I'm here for. Advice. What do you do when you've hit a wall and can't get out of a rut? Look to others or help? Try and find a way to motivate yourself? Run away from it all?

I haven't been this bad off in quite some time and I'm not really even sure how to turn things around. I'd hate to see a year with such a positive start take a turn so quickly.

So, please, tell me something good. 

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