Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Bachelor is Back!

Oh, it's one of my favorite times of the year. Another season of The Bachelor is upon us, and ABC has a humdinger for us this season. This beautiful specimen: Chris Soules.


Hubba, hubba. Amiright?

If you don't normally watch The Bachelor, or you just weren't planning on watching this season. You really should change your mind. Why, you ask? Luckily I've got a nice little list of reasons why this season is going to be better than ever. 

ONE | The photo above. 
Farmer Chris is one sexy dude. In standard Bachelor fashion, he will end up shirtless for at least 50% of the season. I can't look away. Guilty.

TWO | The crazy girls. 
Per usual, this season has it's fair share of psycho girls. It also has some drunks. And some strange little birds. If you haven't watched last night's episode yet, I really suggest at least doing that to get a kick out of these chicks. 

THREE | The date locations. 
Working on a travel bucket list? Don't worry, The Bachelor will add about 20 more locations to it by the end of the season. If you need ideas for honeymoon locations, this show has you covered.

FOUR | Chris Harrison. 
Oh, man. I've got quite the crush on this older fella. He's semi-recently divorced and I'm pretty upset he didn't get to be The Bachelor this season. But we do still get to keep him around. He's just so smooth, and attractive, and funny. Dayum. 

FIVE | Chris Soules.
Oh wait. I've already covered this one. But he's one dashing young man. He drives a tractor and rides motorcycles and farms and is the sweetest man alive. How did I miss out on being on this season? I mean. How can you say no to a man holding a dressed up chihuahua. 

I like to think I've convinced you to watch this season. If not. Hopefully you'll stop judging people who are. Because you can't blame a girl for wanting some eye candy every Monday night.

Are you excited about this season of The Bachelor?

xoxo, jgp


  1. The onion girl......HAHAHA oh my, I cant wait for this season!!!

    1. Seriously though, the onion girl was killing me last night!

  2. I think this season is going to be awesome with the crazy stuff. And OMG what is the deal with onion girl...she is so off her rocker.

    1. The best was when we finally realized it was a pomegranate... What a freak.

  3. Haha he is very fine! Too bad I heard the ratings weren't that swell :(