Thursday, January 1, 2015

Oh, The Resolutions

I used to be quite the resolution list maker. I'd start each year with ridiculously long lists of things I needed to accomplish in 365 days. These past couple of years, though, I've learned that spreading my goals that thin is just not going to work for me. 

Last year I set 10 resolutions. I'm going down to 5 this year. Keeping things simple. Or trying at least. I also think the biggest key to actually keeping up with these things is to have tangible ways to accomplish them. Real milestones. Defined actions. So you'll get all the deets here.

ONE // Improve JGP
This has been a work in progress since around October, but I'm excited about spending more time around here. It will always be a work in progress, but there are some very concrete ways to make this place a little more fun for you AND me. 
-- Dedicate at least an hour a day to JGP
-- Schedule blog content better
-- Interact with readers and other bloggers more

TWO // Improve Overall Fitness Level
Because what's a New Year's resolution list without some sort of weight loss/fitness related item? Fitness is something that's pretty much always been a thing for me. But after a year of CrossFit-ish life, I'm aiming to really push myself harder and further in the new year.
-- Run another half marathon
-- Find better cardio/lifting balance
-- Do a better job of tracking goals

THREE // Communicate Better
This one is kind of odd. When it comes to communication, I'm actually the queen. Got an issue that needs to be talked about? I'll be the first to bring it up. Have feelings that need to be discussed? I'll make it nice and awkward for you, no worries. But when it comes to keeping up with the people that aren't constantly in my life, I suck at maintaining contact. This even includes my immediate family, which is sad. So this year I'm going to work on maintaining better relationships from afar.
-- Send 5 hand-written cards a month
-- Call all family members at least once a week
-- Call at least one distant friend a week

FOUR // Manage Money More Effectively
It's fairly obvious that I have a serious shopping problem. I can always find a need for something. But I have to get that in order if I ever plan on being able to invest in really anything. So now that I've finally got some income coming in, I'm working on saving. As well as cutting back.
-- Save $500 each month
-- For every "want" purchased, sell/donate something
-- Cut online shopping purchases in half

FIVE // Manage Stress Better
We're all stressed out. We're all busy. And most of the time we do it to ourselves. And then turn right around and complain about it. Being busy has become a badge of honor. But why? Stress isn't something we should brag about. Everyone feels it. And everyone handles it in different ways. I've learned that I tend to struggle with mine.
-- Learn when to say "no"
-- Don't take out stress on other people
-- Create more down time for myself

Here's to 2015 being the best yet!

What are your resolutions this year?

xoxo, jgp

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