Monday, December 15, 2014

Week(end) Update

As I so eloquently reminded y'all yesterday, I've been a terrible blogger lady lately. So here I am with an update on the strange things that have been happening around here.

Last weekend, things got weird. But outside of the strange drama that reared it's ugly head, I did win Best Dressed at the Tacky Christmas party I attended. For the second year in a year. Because I'm a boss.

This long-sleeve tacky sweater T-shirt actually is the best investment I've made in a while. The worst thing about tacky sweaters is how hot they are, amiright? So sweaty. T-shirt for the win.

And on that note, I need this. 100%. Johnny Manziel is the definition of tacky. So it wins.

Then Sunday was the greatest day ever because HERO things happened and I cried. Because for the first time since I've been on the HEROs Exec Board, we reached a fall fundraising goal. And then exceeded it by TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Here's all the pictures of us crying and celebrating and all of the things:

Sorry for the photo overload. I'm just so proud. And LOL at me sobbing uncontrollably in that one picture. And because life got boring after that... Finals. So here we are. 

This week sucked. Then this weekend I had a friend in town and had one more grand celebration with my HEROs people. And some drama was resolved. So I'm normally back to being my normal, happy self. Ignoring the final I have on Wednesday. Because graduation is lingering in my mind and motivation is not. And my dresses just got here for graduation, so I also knocked another one off my 101 in 1001 list! 

I'm on a roll, y'all! 
Look out world, here comes Caley Beacham!

xoxo, jgp


  1. Girl, Lauren james is never tacky! :) but we wont tell the judges! Love the Johnny sweater. Too bad they don't have a "gurley" one or is snatch him! Ha merry Christmas!

  2. Very festive jumper! Well done on reaching your goals!