Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh. Hey...

Good Lord this past week has been absolute madness. I don't know about y'all that are still in school, but Thanksgiving break honestly gives me more anxiety than relaxation. I may also just be a crazy person. 

But I've been trying to recover from my week off all. week. long. And I think I may be finally getting my life together a tiny bit. So I thought I should stop by and say hello, since I've been MIA for a week now. 

Here's what you've missed:

FRIDAY | I returned to Athens to watch the Arkansas vs. Mizzou game which was nothing but a huge let down. Thanks for that, Arkansas...

SATURDAY | My final game day as a student in Sanford Stadium. And we decided it was a good idea to lose to Tech. We almost pulled it out, then blew it. So, yeah. That stung. *I'm funny* 

Because the Dawgs never lose a party, we obviously went out again that night. Which ended with my former roommate and another friend (all of which still live in Athens) crashing at my place. SLEEPOVER, y'all! 4am doesn't treat me well anymore...

SUNDAY | After peeling everyone in the house out of bed, some Advil and a lot of water we brunched. Because brunch is a way of life. Then the feeling of "oh my God, I've wasted my life away" kicked in and I started to panic. Spent the remaining 12 hours of that day writing a paper. Kill me now.

Ya big stupid...

MONDAY | World AIDS Day! << This is important to me because the organization I've served on the exec board for the last 3 years is an HIV/AIDS philanthropy. This was also the last exec board meeting I would ever have. Lawddddddd. It was also squat day. I actually thought I was going to die. #EveryDayIsLegDay

My attempt at walking Monday night:

TUESDAY | Group paper presentation. Kill me now. I also couldn't walk very well because Monday did me in. But I worked out again because, duh. I pretended to get my life together after that. It didn't really happen.

Walking Tuesday...

WEDNESDAY | Really can't walk. Plus my whole body hurts now from yesterday's workout. But of course I still go to the gym. #GAINZ. 

Getting down the stairs Wednesday...

Once again attempting to get my life together. Failing as usual. All I want to do is watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix and sit. But no. Way too much happening in life. Pretty sure I'm going to completely give up on school before graduation actually comes around.

How I feel about school right now:

Now that I've rambled on about my life and you probably don't care that much, I guess I'm done here. I'm just ready for the weekend. So, you know, I can waste it away and panic all over again because, well, finals. But in the meantime I'll be doing one of these:

Graduation Countdown: 14 days!

How are y'all holding up right now?

xoxo, jgp


  1. I am just loving all of the penguins in this post! Only 14 more days? You've got this! Sending good vibes your way!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. Girl I feel for you! I do not miss the days of group presentations. I could tell you it gets better after college but thats not true haha

  3. I was definitely in a football induced depression over the weekend! I do love that we never lose a party though..