Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: Cold Weather Edition

I'm pretty sure the entire US has been going through some un-naturally cold weather lately. I know we certainly have been in the south. And it's taken a toll on me in about a million different ways. I'm not scared of the cold like most Southerners. I actually love it. Mainly because that usually means I'm not sweating. Sorry 'bout it.

But this past week I've had to bust out some serious cold-weather gear in just about every department of life. So I figured I should share the things that have been helping me through this crazy weather.

Funny story about this stuff. It comes in this handy dandy glass container. And I have this handy dandy tile floor in my bathroom. The two met and it wasn't pretty. We're talking a full container of this stuff. I somehow managed to salvage most of the remains... Thank God. Because I'm pretty sure my skin would be falling off my face by now without it. It's so thick and creamy and wonderful. It's totally been the difference in having cracking winter skin and semi-managable skin this month.

Barbour Jacket
Yup. That's me. Rockin' this guy in the freezing cold last weekend tailgating. I had on about 4 layers under that thing. But I was warmish. So that's what counts. I've got the men's version because my arms and torso were too long for the women's. Go figure. #TallPeopleProbs 

Since my Accutane experience my entire sophomore year of college, my skin is constantly dry. All over my body. Hence the reason I need intense facial moisturizer. Same goes for my hands. Between the hours I spend in the gym lifting and the cold weather, my hands are actually ashy. If that's even possible. But they are gross. And cracky. So this stuff right here has been saving my soul. You can find it at any drug store. 

This stuff is technically a men's product and brand, but it's been saving my soul for a while now. I got a small sample of this stuff over the summer in a package from Sephora. I then went and purchased a full-size version immediately. It's the only stuff that keeps my lips from chapping (also an Accutane thing... it never ends.)

Sudafed 12 Hour
Okay. Let's just take a minute here. This Sudafed is an absolute life saver. This isn't the stuff available on the shelf. It's behind the counter, but you just have to ask the pharmacist for it. It works so much better than the standard 24-hour. I've been sick for about three weeks now, and it's been the only thing keeping me alive. Although now I'm starting to think this is more of a sinus infection than a cold. So that's always fun. But. Thanks to Sudafed, I can still function in society. 

What are your must-haves for crazy cold weather?

xoxo, jgp


  1. Call me basic but my #1 must-have for winter are my Uggs. Nothing keeps my toesies warmer when I'm out walkin' the dogs than those boots!!! ;) Great list BTW- Happy Friday!

    1. I used to rock my Ugg boots day and night in the winter. Then my mom snatched them. So thick socks it is! Haha.

  2. YES #tallpeopleprobs -- I dont know why it literally JUST occurred to me like last month that if I wanted to find cold weather stuff that was long enough to go into the men's section! i'm so excited about figuring this one out. haha!

  3. All of the items are so spot on!! Anything by philosophy makes me happy. Their body washes are so incredibly moisturizing as well.