Friday, October 10, 2014

Weird Things I Learned From Blogging

Blogging about blogging is weird. But I'm here today to discuss this weird little thing I've got going here. Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is: I Never Thought Blogging Would... and my list is weird. As usual.

Make me feel terrible about my life.
We've all been there. Looking at someone else's blog and thinking to yourself, "Why isn't this me? What did I do wrong?" I wouldn't consider myself a jealous person at all, but the thought has obviously crossed my mind. Some people's lives just look so perfect. But if I picked the best of my life, threw the right filter on it, and edited it just right, my life might look perfect to an outsider too. Perspective people, perspective. 

Be so frustrating. 
Good God it's annoying sometimes, am I right? Why do all those pictures always look funny? Why can't I look cute in that outfit? How do I do this on HTML? Photoshop is the struggle. But, like, nobody makes me do this. So calm down.

Provide me with massive amounts of Airheads

I ate all of them. Don't you worry.

Increase my urge to online shop.
I already had a shopping problem. But now it's absolutely absurd. You see one cute outfit on your favorite blogger? Gotta have it. And wait! It's on sale. The whole store is on sale. I MUST BUY EVERYTHING NOW.

Make me feel like I'm unorganized.
Some of these bloggers have all these crazy schedules and some seriously intimidating planners/agendas. Oh? And their apartments. Perfect. And they've got all these methods of keeping themselves perfectly perfect. I'm an organized human. These people make me feel tornado-like. Sheesh.

Cause me so much stress.
Haven't blogged in a week? Oh no. The world thinks you are head. You  must blog about why you aren't blogging. Must keep up with everything. All the time. Can't fail. Not allowed. Keep blogging.
Fingers fall off.

Max-out my perfectionism.
This goes along with a lot of the other things above. When you sit back and compare your every day to the best of some people's days, you can't help but feel inadequate. And me, being the perfectionist I am, feel the need to keep up. Oh, she can do it all? I can do it all better, and faster, and prettier, and perfect-er.

I'm exhausted now. Sheesh.
Sorry. Rant over.

Helene in Between Blogtober

What did you not expect from blogging?

xoxo, jgp

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