Wednesday, October 29, 2014

That Embarrassing Moment When...

I'd like to preface this post by saying that I am not someone that is easily embarrassed. At all. I fully believe that something isn't awkward unless you make it awkward. So embarrassing moments aren't something that happen to me often. I guess things that happen to me may be considered embarrassing for some people, but they don't even phase me. Because I'm a boss a$$ biotch. 

But, this one time in high school... As told by Taylor Swift

There was this boy. That I some some weird, funky, strange relationship with. There aren't enough words to describe how weird it really was. 

But anyways. We had a thing of sorts. And then we didn't. And then we moved on... It wasn't ugly, but we weren't really talking much. He had a new girlfriend. And she was one of those girls that everyone knew that nobody really liked. But back to the story. 

He was in the same classroom the class period before me, and one lovely day me and my best friend strolled into class and sat down in our usual seats. 

To my surprise, apparently this ex of sorts sits in the same seat I do. Or he did that day. How do I know this? Because his binder is sitting under my desk. And there are about 50 notes from his current girlfriend in the front cover of the binder. 

I am trying to leave the binder alone and just move along with life, when my BFF (some friend she's about to be) takes the binder out from under my desk and starts looking through all of the letters. You never know what you might discover in some high school notes, ya know? Maybe we hit the jackpot.

So I start to join in the fun, but I'm essentially only glancing at these notes, terrified that what's about to happen is going to happen. But the binder is on her desk. 

Then, in walks boy to retrieve his binder. And what does BFF do? SHOVES IT ONTO MY DESK WITH ALL OF THE NOTES SCATTERED EVERYWHERE.

So he obviously makes a bee-line for me and the desk where he left his binder. While I try and act like I just noticed it under the desk. Then I hand it to him without the notes because they aren't in the front of it anymore, duh. 

He notices this quickly, of course. Then calls me out (in front of everyone, just to clarify) and says that some stuff is missing. Then I shamefully hand him this pile of papers and try and play it off like they "fell" out of the binder... Jesus. 

I ran into him in the hallway a couple days later and he proceeded to drill me on any information I may have seen in those notes. Because this is my life. And I of course lie to his face and say I have no idea what he's talking about.

That, my friends, was rough. I have since forgiven said BFF and she's still around to make my life awkward from time to time. But that's what friends are for, right?

So. There's that. Hopefully it was mildly entertaining for you. If not, I'm sorry you read that mile-long story about my high school struggles. I like to think that if this happened to me now it would end a little bit better. Something like this.

Helene in Between Blogtober

God bless.
Happy Humpday. 

xoxo, jgp

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