Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I used to be so superstitious about the strangest things. It was almost OCD-esk. We're talking "I can only do things in 15-minute increments, including sleep" crazy. But I've finally gotten most of that under control. 

Now my biggest superstitions all revolve around sports. Who is shocked? Not I. Sports people are the most superstitious of all the people ever. Baseball players are the worst. I played softball. So I blame that.

So what's my struggle? 

Gameday outfits.

If I wear a particular dress or outfit or jersey on a gameday and we lose, that clothing is now tainted. I can't wear it again. Unlessssss I wear it to a game we win, then I can reinstate the good vibes of that outfit. But I would only risk something like that in a game we are pretty much guaranteed to win. Can't take any risks like that. 

We lost to Vandy in my Jarvis jersey. He was not reinstated until this season.

Pretty sure this dress still has good vibes from last year. Clearly, I was just a little bit happy here.

Currently having that dilemma right now. The biggest weekend of our season is coming up, and I have a dress I want to wear. But we lost to South Carolina when I wore it last. And I'm not taking that risk.

Love this dress, but it's not allowed this weekend. Because if we lost, I would hate myself forever.

Yes, I am psycho. No, I don't care.

Go Dawgs. 

Helene in Between Blogtober

xoxo, jgp


  1. Goodness gracious, your memory must be fantastic that you can remember the game tied to the specific outfit!

  2. I love the gameday outfit point! I like to think if my team is doing bad and someone leaves the room and then all of a sudden we score, they must stay out of the room!

  3. people take their sports verrrrry seriously. i can see you do too! no shame there!

  4. it's not just me!! I'm scared to wear anything BUT my lucky dress now..