Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pet Peeve

Oh. Great. Another post to make me look like a complete psycho. This should be fun. Can't wait. 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm little bit snippy when people do something that gets to me. People chattering in class while the teacher is talking. People talking over each other in a meeting. People repeating themselves. People eating.

Yes. I said people eating.

And those of you that know me IRL know that is a very, very real thing. Not just people eating with their mouths open, although that is a great way to make me wish you were dead. Oh. And don't you dare start chomping on ice near me. You will get cut. I can't. I'm actually getting mad thinking about it right now.

But this "pet peeve" of mine actually is a very real thing. Like a psychological disorder. So that's reassuring. Nothing like the internet informing you that you are, in fact, Captain Crazy Pants. 

The sound of people eating doesn't just bother me, it almost makes me angry. And it makes me uncomfortable. And I would basically rather die than be put in a room with people eating while I can't. That's when it kicks in. Oh God.

Oh. And these commercials? I'm done.

This is called Misophonia. Not sure if having a name for makes me feel better or worse about my inability to casually interact in social settings where food is involved. Either way. It's my "pet peeve" of sorts. A long with a lot of other psychotic things that bother me.

But we'll leave it there for now. Mainly so you don't run for the hills and never read this blog again. 

I'll quit now.


Helene in Between Blogtober

xoxo, jgp
AKA your resident psychopath

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  1. don't worry girl. we all have a little crazy in us ;)

    PS- I nominated you for a blogger award. check out my page to see it!