Thursday, October 2, 2014

Livin' The Dream

Today's #Blogtober14 post is actually somewhat odd for me. The prompt is technically "Dream job when you were little/ What is it now?" But I honestly have no idea what I wanted to do as a kid. Probably be a singer or something. I don't think I was a particularly ambitious child. Whoops. Glad I grew out of that. 

But this prompt is interesting because of the turn of events that occurred in the past 10 years of my life. Come high school, I suddenly had all of the goals. I think a large chunk of that was simply fear that I wouldn't get into UGA. So I'm glad I decided to care a little bit. 

Most of high school, I planned on attending law school. At one point I was considering graduating high school early to enroll at UGA a semester early to get a jump start on finishing undergrad. Then during my junior year, my life fell apart and I was failing a year-long class. And the only class I was remotely interested in that was offered during that period was Newspaper. 

And life was never the same.

That class changed my life path for the next 6 years. For my last two years of high school I was the Sports Page Editor for The Chant (Go Warriors?) and decided I wanted to be a sports reporter. I spent four years of college pursuing a sports journalism career of some sort. My life revolved around the newsroom and all things sports. 

(Remember SEC Media Days?)

Then, as some of you may know, I landed an internship with the Greater Gwinnett Championship, a PGA TOUR Champion's Tour event. Right as that tournament was wrapping up last spring, some shat hit the fan in the broadcast department of my life. That also happened at about the same time I was beginning to seriously consider following a career in sports events instead of journalism. 

It all seemed like a big flashing neon sign. 

So now I'm heading to grad school to get a Masters in Sport Administration to work in golf tournament management.

Oh, how things can change so quickly. In just one week in April my entire life plan changed. I'm just glad I had an extra semester of college to get it all together. Fingers crossed my game plan works out. Or Lord only knows what's next for me... 

So, now that you've gotten my life story... I'm done here. 

Helene in Between Blogtober

xoxo, jgp

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