Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm An Expert At...

When considering how to write this post, I seriously considered just saying "I'm an expert at life." But then decided that could come off wrong. I'm not that girl. I promise. I'm just the queen of advice. So "Expert At Life" seems about right. 

But I digress. Here's a long list of things I'm actually an expert at.

-Procrastinating, but always getting it done
Paper due tomorrow? Better finish cleaning your room, working on homework that isn't due for another week, and then work on the paper. You don't need to sleep. It's all good.

-Knowing the words to every single song to ever exist
And making sure to sing them as loud as possible in the car on road trips. No shame.

-One-upping whatever struggle you are going through
Oh? You had a bad day? Mine was worse... I don't know why I do this, and it needs to stop. #Annoying

-Eating cheese
It's not a real meal if there isn't cheese involved.

-Ordering the most unhealthy thing on the menu
I think I'll have the 3-pound burger with a mountain of cheese and bacon, please. Oh, and I'd like a  few pounds of fries as well. Would dessert be too much? Yeah? Well I think I'll order a giant brownie and eat it all by myself.

-Having extreme emotions toward workouts
I'm rarely indifferent about a workout. I'm either freakin' pumped to be there, or would rather rip my own eyeballs out. 

-Spending hours upon hours on Twitter
Nothing new? Refresh feed. Still nothing. Let's find someone else to follow! Oh, looky there, they look like perfect stalking material. *Spends the next 20 minutes stalking random person on Twitter... then heads to Instagram to investigate further*

-Giving the best advice about things I've never been through nor experienced
And 99.9% of the time being right. I've got a sixth sense or something, I don't know.

-Drinking beer
I'll pass on the vodka waters. Give me the good stuff, please.

-Online shopping
There will actually be a post coming soon about this expertise of mine. It's definitely one of my best skills, if I do say so myself.

Helene in Between Blogtober

What is your expertise?

xoxo, jgp

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