Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won The Lottery

Hi. Hello there, October. I'm not 100% what you did to September, but it disappeared. RIP September. 

I'll be the 23094829th person to say this, but like, did this year fly by or what?! I'll be graduating before I know it! Not terrified at all.

But with this lovely month of October (the best month of the year) we get fun things like #Blogtober14! I was about a week away from finished the Blog Every Day in May challenge before I fell off the wagon. I'm going to make it this time. I have to. 

And with that, my first prompt is something I can totally get behind: "If you won the lottery..."

To be the basic, totally predictable person that I am, I would obviously donate a very large chunk of this money to UGA HEROs. The philanthropy that owns my soul and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wait. You mean that's not a thing. Shat.

I'm not sure how I almost forgot this one. It's basically the only place on planet Earth that I really want to travel to. So that would be my first order of business: booking a one way flight to Athens, Greece and coming back when I've seen everything Greece has to offer. #Wanderlust

Yes. I said it. I only live in a 2 bedroom town home, but it's honestly too much for me to handle. I hate messes, but I also hate cleaning them up. So I'll hire a cleaning lady to take care of the cleanliness. Anddddd maybe a maid to clean up after me? Too much. Okay. Sorry. 

I have no idea where I would be living or working or whatever for that matter. But, I could totally handle designing a beach house with my dad and having a get-away to call mine. 

I would pay off Wesley. I just purchased a new vehicle, so no need to replace him. Just stop dishing out a ton of money each month to call him mine.

Because we'd all be lying if we claimed there wouldn't be some new clothes in that closet of ours. That would also mean finally getting rid of the clothes I can't seem to let go of. 

Unlimited funds means I can travel all over the place and pop into different boxes whenever I want and not think about how much money it's going to cost me. Because it's expensive to pick things up and put them down with a group of people. Who knew?

Because cooking is hard. And eating is easy. Oh. And if that chef could clean up after themselves too. Yeah, that would be awesome. Let's do that.

Marry a musician. Live a happy life. Die on Broadway. That's living the dream.

Clearly I've got some big plans for this lottery money. Maybe I'll go buy a ticket...

The Daily Tay

Join the #Blogtober14 fun and link up with The Daily Tay and Helene In Between! I'm pumped to finally get back to blogging again.

Happy fall, y'all!

xoxo, jgp


  1. But reallly...GREECE!!! Definitely top of my list too!

  2. Yay for the best month of the year! :) Greece is on my list too! We were planning on going when we studied abroad for four months, but there were really bad riots so we had to cancel our trip. :(

  3. Totally supporting your personal chef idea ;) And i bet Athens is already waiting for you. You can do it, don't give up on your dream. :)

    Luchessa @

  4. I love your Nashville idea. I just came home from there and dying on Broadway seems like the place to do it.

  5. Oh a personal chef would be amazing! And Greece is amazing! You'll love it WHEN you go ;)

  6. Broadway is so much fun. I think if I won the lottery here though I'd want a house in Green Hills or Franklin.