Friday, October 31, 2014


Or should I say Bah Humbug!

Yeah. I'm that girl. I don't do Halloween. It's weird to me. I totally understand the enjoyment children get from it. But as an adult, I really don't find much joy in wearing minimal clothing and calling it a "costume." Maybe I'm just old and bitter and not fun anymore. All of that is true too. But Halloween just isn't my thing. 

So today you will find me frolicking on "Frat Beach" dressed as, you guessed it, an American... Caley Anne Beacham, y'all.

Sorry I'm boring. But I'll use Georgia/Florida as an excuse here. Do you have any idea how hard is it to wear a costume from 11AM to 5PM on a beach of chaos while drinking and running and reuniting and being happy? It's rough. This is my 4th edition of GA/FL, and it gets crazier every year.

Not trying to throw another variable in the struggle. 

I'll rock my over-sized men's PFG, some Nike shorts, and my Chacos. 

Yup. Just like last year.

Maybe I'm lame. Maybe I'm boring. But it's all for the Dawgs. And nothing says America quite like Frat Beach.

^^Me... All weekend.

So Happy Halloween to those of you that enjoy this stuff! And Happy End of Blogtober Day! I did it! Who knew that was an actual possibility?!? So shout out to Helene and Taylor for creating this whole thing. I've finally gotten my passion for blogging back! And knocked another one off my 101 in 1001 list!

xoxo, jgp

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