Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Things I'd Tell Ambitious Blogger Caley

Today's prompt for #Blogtober14 actually cracks me up. The 10 Things I Would Tell Myself When I Started Blogging.

Lawd. There's so many things I look back at from when I first started blogging and just laugh at myself. But that's all a part of the journey, right?

10 Things I'd Tell My Old Blogger Self

ONE | Be yourself.
Good God, child. Stop trying so hard. You ain't that serious. 

TWO | Don't try to model your blog after someone else's.
Especially if that someone else is a big-time blogger that's got millions of followers and has this all figured out. Develop your own little niche and run with it.

THREE | People won't care.
Don't be so scared to share this with people that you actually know. The people who care to read it will. And the people who don't won't. It's that simple. Now tweet that link, little missy!

FOUR | That header is heinous. 
Stop with the giant peach. It's not working for you. Just get rid of it. Start all over. Please.

FIVE | Don't limit yourself.
Don't feel like you have to pick a specific thing to blog about all the time. Step out of the box. Try blogging about something that's new and different. Don't be scared of different. I mean, you're basically the weirdest person on Earth. Why hold back?

SIX | You aren't going to make money doing this.
Until you get a ton of followers, there's not money in this. There's not even free stuff in this often. You'll reap the benefits eventually. But until then, learn to love it. Or you'll hate blogging by the time the free stuff comes your way.

SEVEN | People you wish wouldn't read your blog will most certainly read it.
Those friends from high school you haven't talked to in forever? Yeah. They read it. Those random people you meet in college that you follow on Twitter but never speak to again. They've probably checked it out too. Just learn to accept that some people you wish didn't know about your life-- will. 

EIGHT | Take more pictures.
You don't realize how few pictures you take of the things happening around you until you try to blog about them. And you have nothing but words. So boring. Stop that. Look up from the iPhone and take some pictures instead of tweeting, child.

NINE | It's hard work.
While it's all fun and games to share your favorite clothes and some random thoughts you need to get out, if you really want to gain followers, you've got to work at it. People won't read your blog if you post once a month. So either do it, or don't. Don't half-way try.

TEN | But don't let it stress you.
The opposite end of the spectrum. I hate feeling stressed out by things I voluntarily choose to do with my time. So if this little nugget starts giving you heart palpitations, calm down. You've only got 3 readers. Don't stress. They won't miss you too much. Learn to make it a part of your life, then it will all work out.

I feel like almost every single one of us can relate to that list to some extent. I'm glad I've finally figured most of those things out. It only took two years. But I guess you gotta learn sometime.

Helene in Between Blogtober

What's been your biggest lesson learned from blogging?

xoxo, jgp


  1. FOUR is hilarious, SEVEN is true, and TEN is spot on perfect advice. :)

    Love your blog!!! Happy Monday!

  2. Take more pictures is SO true. Since i became a blogger, i take 5-10 times more pictures than before. but it's so much fun, right?!
    Luchessa @

  3. Two is such a good one- and something we all need to think about. Goes along with Be Yourself! And I second the take more pictures!

  4. FOUR! I wish I had told myself the same thing (minus the peach of course) my early header was horrendous! Love the tips!

  5. When I started my first blog I was terrified to tell anyone I knew. I've gotten over that too :)

    Midwest Darling