Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No. 12: Caley Does a Juice Cleanse

Oh lawd. This is going to be a good one, y'all. So get comfy and stick around. 

I would like to preface this post by saying that I did this to myself. I did not do this to lose weight, I did not do this because a doctor told me to, I did this because it sounded like a great idea when I wrote my 101 in 1001 list in July of 2013. That now seems like a very questionable decision. 

But it's over now and I'm stuffing my face again.

And just for everyone's information, I did the three day Seasonal Reset Cleanse (with 3 Shreds) from Ritual Wellness. I found it on RueLaLa and used a coupon code. Juice is very expensive, my friends. I'd looked at a bunch of other options along the way, but just made the gut decision to go with this one. I've really got nothing to compare this to, so none of these opinions/thoughts are a direct reflection on Ritual Wellness, but of my first ever cleansing experience. 

So as I reflected back on my three days of holding my nose and chugging bottles of green crap, I can easily think of five lessons learned/things I wish I knew/odd experiences from this juice cleanse.

JGP Juice Cleanse Lessons

ONE // Green juice is yucky. I've made some smoothies with spinach and kale in my day, but the taste is always masked by all the tasty stuff. Not the case when your juice has three pounds of produce in it. All three of my daily "green" juices had some combination of kale, romaine, spinach, green apple, and celery. And lots of it. I thought I liked these things... until now. I think I'll just eat them from now on. 

TWO // You aren't going to be on the potty all day. When I imagined how this was going to go down, I had these terrible images of spending countless hours in the bathroom hating my life. But nothing of that sort happened. Like, at all. So that was a relief. 

THREE // It's okay to eat. When you first start something like this, it's hard to tell yourself that it's okay to "cheat." But on day one, I thought I was going to starve to death. (I also think all of the juices tasted the worst to me the first day, making me hungrier.) So I had a small snack that afternoon. On night two, I had a complete meltdown and ate a breakfast sandwich. And on the final day I had a baby snack mid-afternoon. I originally got very upset with myself for eating and not fully committing to the cleanse. But I also know my body and I normally eat about 5 times the amount of protein I was getting from the juice. Food was necessary to function essentially. 

FOUR // There's a proper way to prep. And I didn't do it. Ritual Wellness sent me an email telling me all of these important things I should be doing leading up to the cleanse. Things like no caffeine, no meat, all raw, organic foods. The day before I was tailgating with beer, all the food, and a mountain of pizza at the end of the day. So, yeah, prepping might make the transition to just juice a little easier. 

FIVE // I really love food. Like, a lot. You don't realize how much time in the day you spend thinking about food, prepping food, and eating food until you don't do it for three days. I definitely learned that I could never voluntarily go a whole day without food. Maybe I have no self control, but oh well. I love food. End of story. I also don't deal well with being hungry. 

So as far as my juice cleanse experience goes, I would not suggest it to people who spend as much time in the gym as I do (5-7 days a week doing CrossFit workouts.) I would suggest it to people who already don't eat a ton of food, don't love food, and don't eat mountains of protein on a regular basis. 

It wasn't an absolutely terrible experience, and I definitely learned to control my eating habits and cravings a little bit. So I gained something from the whole experience. And if you were wondering, yes, I did lose about 2 pounds from the whole thing. 

If y'all have ever done a juice cleanse, I'd like to hear your stories! I'm also open for questions about the whole thing as well, so send them my way!

xoxo, jgp

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