Thursday, August 7, 2014

#TBT iTunes Playlist #2

I've been MIA for about two weeks now, thanks to my GMAT (which I killed, by the way) and finally getting settled back in to Athens before school starts.

So here I am. And by golly, I'm here to stay. That's if the GRE studying doesn't get the best of me.

So here's another playlist for you lovely people. It's not as pretty as the last one, but I ain't got time for that.

Outta Your Mind- Lil John
Alcohol- Brad Paisley
Chicken Fried- ZBB
Real Good Man- Tim McGraw
Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
Who I Am- Jessica Andrews
Better With You- Five Times August
Jesus Take The Wheel- Carrie Underwood
Nineteen Somethin’- Mark Wills
Boston- Augustana
Look At Me Now- Chris Brown
Be The Girl- Aslyn
What About Georgia?- Miranda Lambert
Ordinary Day- Vanessa Carlton 


xoxo, jgp

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