Monday, July 21, 2014

Feelin' 22

In standard 22nd birthday behavior, T-Swift's 22 was the only song I needed all weekend. And it was definitely one for the storybooks. 

Nothing says 22 quite like taking a tequila shot then asking the bartender for a cup of water to chase it with. #CantHang

After an utterly entertaining night on Friday to kick off the birthday weekend, Saturday all my favorite people were in town to help me celebrate. And that they did. 

I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to take care of me all night after they forcefully fed me alcohol all night. Love y'all.

The birthday celebrations will continue this week when I get home and I can't wait to stuff my face at my favorite restaurant back home. And go to yet another Luke Bryan concert. And watch some tennis. And play some golf. And maybe go to a Braves game. Lots happening. Sheesh.

So for your entertainment, here's the best of the shambley pictures I have from my lovely birthday weekend. 

This picture just had to be shared. Madness on Friday. Everything about this pictures makes me laugh. 

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Polar!

"Tooters." That is all.

Andddd the brunch that saved my life.

xoxo, jgp

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quiz Time!

Here for the second time today. This is a very odd thing and I apologize if all of this action on JGP is confusing you. But it has become a solid form of procrastination lately. 

I took one of Two Thirds Hazel's Blogmopolitan quizzes a while back and thought it would be fun to jump in on this one too. Procrastination at it's finest. 

Happy Friday, y'all! See ya Sunday when I'll be feelin' 22!

xoxo, jgp

Mirrored Shades

I'm a total sunglass junkie. If I could, I would own every pair of Ray Bans ever made. And right now, the trend in ShadesLand is colored mirrored lenses. And this is one trend I can get behind full force.

I bought a pair of blue/purple lensed Oakley's my senior year of high school, and got about 6 months of wear out of them before they went out of style. Now I have the perfect excuse to bust them back out and I did with no shame this summer. 

And then I misplaced lost my beloved black Ray Ban wayfarers and obviously needed to replace them. So it was obviously the perfect time to snatch a pair of Ray Ban club masters. And they had to be on-trend. 

Meet my "inception" shades:

I'm obsessed. But who wouldn't be? You can find them here.

Here are some of my favorite crazy-lensed shades out there right now. Guilty of choosing all Ray-Bans. I'm a creature of habit. Whoops.

Large Metal Aviators w/ Green Lenses

Large Metal Aviators w/ Pink Lenses

Turquoise Justins w/ Blue Lenses

Matte Black CATS w/ Pink Lenses

And I did find one budget-friendly option, because that's my job, right?

Knockaround Tortoise Polarized Green Moonshine Sunglasses

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#TBT iTunes Playlist #1

While driving back home from Athens last week, I was jamming out to my iPod (yes, those things still exist). Because mine is 64GB, it fits my entire iTunes library, which is quite possibly the greatest gold mine of music on planet earth.
Between real throwbacks to the 70s and some classics from my early college years, I was one happy camper for that ride. So it's obviously my duty to share the hidden gems of my iTunes library, because nothing makes me happier than hearing a song I forgot existed, but still know all the words to.

You may also find from this playlist that I have an odd taste in music. So yeah. Embrace it.

Each week I'm going to shuffle through 150 songs on my iTunes library and make a playlist of the best TBT songs I run across.

This should be fun, y'all. Get ready!

xoxo, jgp

Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's Not A Party Until You Start A Fire

This is the story of a typical American holiday JGP-style.

As usual it all started with great friends, some sunshine, a pool, and a few too many alcoholic beverages. After somehow managing to spend 7 hours at the pool and not get third-degree burns all over my body, and some (not really) floating table beer pong we headed home for some much needed grub. There may have also been a quick nap thrown in there at some point too. 

We finally fed ourselves and waited on the sun to go down. And it took approximately 30 minutes of moonlight to start a ruckus. Boys being boys means that roman candle fireworks are used for Harry Potter-style wand fights in the parking lot. 

Entertaining? Yes. Safe? Absolutely not. 

We didn't have any men down during the first go-round, so we came back inside to eat again, probably, and enjoy some air conditioning. While we're all chillin' out, relaxin', maxin' all cool one fellow in the room casually asks:

"So do you think we started that fire or one of the neighbors did?"

I'm sorry. What?!

Yeah. Exactly. So we all jump up and look outside and find that, yes, there is indeed a raging fire happening in the middle of a patch of pine straw in the parking lot. 

After a lot of (drunken) panic, a couple buckets of water, some neighbors' assistance, and my genius friend Melissa knowing that there is a fire extinguisher in my house (really, it was news to me!), we got the fire out. 

Five minutes later and we are back out there blowing more things up. A little fire is just the start to the party, right?

Right, Caley! So keep the party going by shooting off a grenade in the middle of the parking lot next! Duh. The package said "Small Festive Balls." I'm expecting some sort of strange little ball that will bounce around and maybe shoot some sparks or something. 

No. No, no no. Not at all.

I light this sucker, toss is about 5 feet from where I'm sitting on the ground, panic a little, assume the fetal position, and wait for the excitement. Buttttt I almost blew everyone up. This was an actual rocket-style firework that I set off on the concrete. It's supposed to be in a tube and shoot in the sky. After the smoked cleared and I regained my hearing, I was getting yelled at by the poor innocent fellows that I didn't give a warning to. My B, y'all. 

Won't do it again, promise...

She says as she drops a lit bottle rocket on the ground in a panic and it shoots off into the woods surely to start another fire.

It didn't.

But all of this happened.

And yes, I am a pyromanic. So yes, this was very entertaining to me. No, nobody died. And yes, the neighborhood was very entertained by our antics in the street. So as far as I'm concerned, it was a wonderfully successful evening. And I've learned the hard way that "festive balls" are more grenade-like than they would like you to think. So be careful, kids!

Any fun antics during your 4th of July celebrations?

xoxo, jgp