Friday, June 27, 2014


One of the many reasons I've struggled to keep up with blogging, and well, life, has been the plethora of sports happening right now. I've spent my time scheduling everything in life around when the next USA soccer game is, who is wearing white, and the attractive (and smart) men in the College World Series. 

If you haven't been keeping up with these things, my first question to you is: WHY? And my second is: have you been living under a rock?

Either way, I got you covered. I'm taking a note from VTIM here and providing the basic info you'll need to keep up. 

In the past two weeks, US soccer (#USMNT) has taken the World Cup by storm... Or maybe just America. Whatever. We beat Ghana, who knocked us out in the past two World Cups. We tied with Portugal thanks to a heart-breaking Portugal goal in the last 30 seconds of the game. If we had won, we would have automatically advanced, but that didn't happen. So the USA's favorite country to beat was up next: Germany.

Yesterday we lost to Germany, but still advance to the knock-out round thanks to Ghana and Portugal having a messy game and all sorts of strange goal-differential things. 

USA plays Belgium Tuesday at 4PM (EST), which means I'll have to stop drinking Stella's at the bar. Crap. But take a note from me here: if you haven't gotten into the World Cup fever yet, do it Tuesday. Take off work, leave early, or something. I wasn't on the soccer band wagon two weeks ago, but now I'm all about it. 

Oh, and fun fact, if you hashtag any country playing in the World Cup, Twitter ads that country's flag to the end of the hashtag. So #USA all you can. Because, well, America.

Moving right along to another international event: Wimbledon! It's basically the most royal event in all of tennis, and it's my favorite fortnight of the summer. If you don't follow tennis regularly, here's the only thing you need to know. 

The state of American men's tennis is sad. In the third round, only one American male remains: John Isner. Which I'm not complaining about. That's my man. 

He's also kind of a legend there. He played one match for like three days straight there in 2010. It was kind of a big deal. That's also when my love for him began. 

On to more attractive men: the College World Series. This year's final was between Virginia and Vanderbilt, which basically meant there were intelligent men in baseball pants. Can a girl ask for anything else?

Vandy won, because the SEC always prevails. And lots of happy things happened.

That last one made me way too happy. Everything perfect. 

Well. That's what I've got for this week in sports. Linking up with Venus Trapped in Mars for Fan Friday.

What was your favorite sports moment this week?

xoxo, jgp

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  1. I don't watch the other ones - but GO USA! Awesome re-cap of the Cup so far! I wish I could take all of Tuesday off! I'm Argentinean as well - so both games are of great importance to me! Especially if both Argentina and the US win - since then they'll play each other!