Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fallon: The One & Only

It's a well established fact that I'm obsessed with award shows, but my other television love is late night. Specifically my man Fallon. 

It's a terrible thing that he's married with a family and things, but I would love nothing more than to marry that hilarious fellow. One of the best forms of procrastination I've ever discovered? Binge watching Tonight Show clips on Youtube. 

So my job as blogger-extraordinaire is obviously to share the best ones. 

Before watching this next one, if you want to fully understand the awkwardness that happens with the small-mouth talking, watch this guy.

I mean, I shouldn't have to force you to watch Zac Efron being hilarious and vulgar, and Jennifer Lawrence being her perfect and hilarious self. 
You won't regret spending the next 15 minutes laughing your ass off. It's burning calories, right?
What is your favorite Fallon moment?
xoxo, jgp

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