Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Update

Well. My #BEDM challenge fell flat on its face this weekend. The last time I blogged was Wednesday... So ashamed. 

But not really.

The reason I fell off the planet was because fun was happening and I got busy enjoying myself. But I'm back! With all sorts of fun things that happened this weekend.

Thursday night I was finally reunited with all of my friends at one of my favorite places in Athens. It was exactly what I needed. 

Friday I finally got myself back in the sunshine (without a polo on) then ran around Athens with two other long lost friends. Tried a new restaurant in Athens. Saw Neighbors... again. I think it may have been funnier the second time around. 

Saturday tennis happened. As usual. Then I ate (more) Mexican food and rented Ted and drank beer. Solid Saturday night.

Sunday we finally celebrated Memorial Day with a day at the pool with friends... More Mexican food. No, I'm not even kidding. Followed by more chaos in my living room. My entire house is sticky. I should be more careful when pouring Jell-O shots... Whoops.

Monday I went back to working tennis, but spent most of my day screaming my face off for my friend Hunter that was playing in the National Championship doubles match. AND HE WON! Yes, the pictures are excessive, but I'm just so proud. Go. Vols.

He refused to put a shirt on, but he's a national champion. So who am I to tell him what to do? It was such an awesome weekend and I'm way too excited for the rest of the summer!

I'm off to a Braves game tonight, so make sure to check Instagram for my stereotypical sunset pic from the Ted. 

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

xoxo, jgp

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