Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tech Specs

Today's #BEDM post is about gadgets, which I love. I love all things technology and new things make me happy. I've already written a couple of posts about the technology that makes my world go 'round, so I figured today was the perfect opportunity to throw back to those.

These two nuggets keep me on track of my fitness goals every day. I've now upgraded to a Jawbone UP24 band, which automatically syncs to my UP app. It's also coral. So I love it.

Up until last year, I never used an eCal of any form. I always wrote everything down. Now my lifeline is this app. It syncs with my iPhone and iPad perfectly and is such an upgrade from iCalendar. It's expensive, but worth it. Totally.

I never did a post about this one, but it's seriously something I am so glad I downloaded two years ago. It's free. And functions just like a Kindle on your phone, iPad, PC, or Mac. It's the greatest. You can download Kindle books and read them right on your computer and not have to buy a Kindle to do so. 
So if you've already got an iPad, get the Kindle app and BOOM you've got a Kindle too.

What are your technology must-haves?

xoxo, jgp

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