Friday, May 16, 2014

New Obsession: Melted

I'll be the first to admit that I need to use more color on my lips. I know I should. It's just such a struggle for me. When you have no upper lip, things can get real ugly real fast if you aren't careful. 

I have a makeup bag full of nothing but lip color: gloss, liner, lipstick, etc. You name it. I've got it. And I never use them... Ashamed. 

I recently ordered a plethora of products from Sephora, and saw this lovely product on the front page:

I figured, well, I've tried everything else, and this stuff looks pretty cool. So, why not give it a try? And since I've been trying to experiment with a bold statement lip, why not get the hot pink?

Best. Decision. Ever.

It goes on like a gloss, but looks like a lipstick. It stays on pretty well, and it's easy enough to reapply that you can do it without making a to-do about it (read: me and lipstick.) 

The $21.00 price tag is a little high for me, considering my struggle with lip color, but I think that it may be worth it. I'm thinking about getting it in Melted Peony as well for every day color. 

I would definitely suggest this to anyone trying to find a good new color/product. I'm still on the prowl for my perfect lip color. Maybe this is it!

What is your favorite lip color product?

xoxo, jgp

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