Sunday, May 18, 2014


After a week of pure chaos, here I sit on a Sunday evening. 

Watching the Billboard Music Awards. Studying for my GMAT. And trying to keep my eyes open.

All after a 2-hour nap this afternoon.

The exhaustion is all too real right now. And for good reason. This has been one crazy, fun, chaotic week. Try to keep up, here.

Returned to Athens from Kennesaw on Wednesday. 
Worked at the NCAA tennis tournament early Thursday morning. 
Turned back around and went to Atlanta for the Jason Aldean concert Thursday night.

Came back to Athens Friday morning to work tennis again. Loved getting to watch my Dawgs play, and cheer on a long, lost friend for the Vols! (Go Hunter!)

Returned to Kennesaw Saturday morning for graduation parties galore.

Everything about both of those pictures is awkward. But whatever. Life.

And brunch. Duh.

And now I'm back in Athens again.

Just rehashing all of that makes me tired. So I think I'll go crawl back in bed again. Back to "normalcy" tomorrow. Can't wait.

Falls asleep face first on laptop....

xoxo, jgp

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