Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blog Every Day in May Challenge!

It's fairly obvious that I've been MIA over here lately and for good reasons, but I'm planning a comeback. With the Blog Every Day in May challenge hosted by Rosalilium!

I have to make up for time lost this past month and I'm excited to have topics provided to me each day. Because I've been struggling with solid ideas lately. So here we are: Day 1!

Today's topic is: What is your blog all about?

Good question. I wish I knew. It's 100% a lifestyle blog, so I'm all over the place between book reviews, fashion, beauty, life struggles, everything. When I first started out, this was a much different place. Through the past two years I've really found my voice in my writing, which is something I never struggled with before. So I'm glad I have finally found a comfort level here. 

Currently my blog seems to be focused on my slow transition from college to the real world, which is something everyone goes through at one time or another, so I'm glad that I have a place to share my experiences. 

I'm excited for this month of blogging to discover new topics to write about and get some inspiration. Lately it's been my outlet, but I'd like to use my self-reflection to inspire people more than to just tell my stories. So that's the goal for the next couple months!

So, I'm back. For good. Fingers crossed. And I can't wait!

Join me in the #BEDM challenge here.

xoxo, jgp

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