Monday, May 5, 2014


It's Cinco de Mayo! So, as per American tradition, we will prance around celebrating a holiday that Mexico doesn't even celebrate, just as an excuse to drink tequila.

I'm not complaining. Every girl loves a good margarita, right? I've spent some wonderful pastimes with margaritas, and have found some solid mixes/pre-made margs as well. What better day to share this wonderful knowledge than for Cinco de Drinko!

Because I always try to keep it skinny around here, I'm going with my favorite "skinny" margs you can buy in a liquor store. It's Skinnygirl heavy, but with all the variety, there's something for everyone!

No. 1: Jose Cuervo Light Margarita
Hands down my favorite! So yummy and it comes with tequila already in it, so all you have to do is pour it up or blend it up. So simple and so tasty.

No. 2: 1800 Ultimate Skinny Margarita

This one is a bit more expensive than the Jose Cuervo version, and has a little bit of a different taste. I'm pretty sure the alcohol content is the same, so it's really just dependent on your preference in tequila.

No. 3: All Skinnygirl Margarita products ever
Now for the Skinnygirl takeover. I'm not a huge fan of their wines, but with all the new variations of the "skinny" marg that keep coming, I'm loving all of these products, and I can't wait to try the new ones!

Where it all began: the Skinnygirl Margarita.
Always a good call if you are looking for something quick, easy, and original (and almost always available at any liquor store.) 

Oh? And looking for an easier way to carry this deliciousness around with you?
Can I get a hell yeah? These "SkinnyMini" plastic bottles are perfect for a tailgate, concert, or day at the beach. Any time you don't want that glass wine-bottle sized thing with you all day/night. I'm grabbing these today. For sure.

White Peach and Grapefruit Margaritas
A perfect spin on the traditional lime margarita. The grapefruit is my new favorite!

And Bethenny isn't done yet! Two new additions that I must try immediately.

The website says it's a sweeter version of the original margarita with a bit more citrus flavor. While I like my margs with a bit of a sting, I'll give this one a try, because Bethenny said so.

Sparkling Margarita
I'm thinking of this as a Lime-a-Rita type, but can't attest to that. Once I give it a try, I'll definitely report back on this one.

Based on my search of the website, these last two aren't readily available anywhere near me yet, so if you are looking for those, check the product search here.

I hope y'all take this advice to heart and grab one of these for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

What are your plans for this year? What will you be drinking?

xoxo, jgp

For more low calorie margarita mix options, check out this site that has great reviews. 

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