Friday, April 25, 2014

Back Down to Reality

As most of you know, I spent all last week working at my internship, completely detached from my normal life, friends, schedule, etc. And my welcome back to reality this week has been a rough one. After learning so much and working so hard for a whole week, I was ready to come back to Athens and take on the world... Or so I thought.

I'm not going to go into all the detail here, but it all started with a speeding ticket, which eventually snowballed my week into quite the mess. After a decent day Wednesday, I had a one-on-one meeting to attend, which turned into more of an inquisition.

That was my eye-opener. I was essentially asked to step down from a leadership position because, despite my ability to do the job-- and very well for that matter, the way I handled myself in this position was an issue. I could go into all the details and reasons why this isn't right and all the ways that this could have been taken care of differently, but I won't. It won't change anything. 

What I'm coming away with from this whole thing is learning experience. 

Yes, it hurts to have something that has been a part of my life for 3 years ripped away from me as I'm making the sprint to the finish line next December. Yes, it sucks to have a group of people you thought were there to help you essentially turn their powers against you. And yes, it hurts to be told the blunt, honest truth about the way people perceive you.

But at the end of the day I have plenty of things to take away from this. I was already distancing myself from that area and looking at taking my career a different direction. This may be the moment that pushes me to put all my efforts towards that new path. The thoughts, advice, and opinions I gained from this essential "firing" are things that will help me become a better professional in the future. 

And maybe, just maybe, it will force me to really think before I speak and act. Because despite the fact that this is one of the qualities I am complimented on the most, it also can be a turn-off to people that don't fully understand me. 

And the one thing, above all, I'm taking away from this is to always be myself. A few tweaks here and there, and a few maturity bursts will help me be a better person, but at the end of the day I need to continue to be myself. Changing to please everybody else isn't going to fix anything. Continuing to be true to myself, just a less intense version of myself, is the key.

To say that this has been a "come to Jesus" kind of week would be an understatement. I've spent more time reflecting on decisions and my future than I have in a really long time and I'm excited for my path. It's been a rough one, but a necessary one.

Sometimes a kick in the butt is what you need. So here I am. Ready for new opportunities and new experiences. 

Have you ever had something like this happen? How did you handle it?

xoxo, jgp

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Losing My Mind from Time to Time

I think it's safe to say that my brain is total mush at this point in tournament week. Everyone in the tournament office has essentially been punch-drunk since Sunday afternoon, and the strange things we've been doing just seem to escalate each day. 

Yesterday one of our security people came into the office and asked where the security office was. I stood there with her in the lobby for a solid 2 minutes telling her I would find out when I realized that the office she was looking for was attached to mine. 

I think it's safe to say I've got minimal brain function going on over here. I've had my fair share of these moments in the past few days, which fits perfectly with the campaign Airheads has going on right now!

"The World Needs More Airheads" campaign is all about embracing these moments and enjoying the strange, sometimes embarrassing moments we all have from time to time. I'm not going to lie, I'm all about this campaign mainly because I love Airheads. They were one of my favorite ball park candies growing up and I still love them. (I actually bought a pack as inspiration for this post.)

This campaign is a social media contest that encourages people to share their Airhead moments through Vine, Instagram, or YouTube and use the hashtag #AirheadsNeeded. Then head over to the Airhead's Tumblr account and submit your link here

If I had more time during this hectic week I would definitely spend some time capturing the Airhead moments around the office, but I've got no such time. So y'all do it for me! Oh. And eat some Airheads too. Because they are delicious. Win-win.

What's been your biggest airhead moment lately?

xoxo, jgp

DISCLOSURE: I received compensation for this blog post

Monday, April 14, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 11

Today marks the start of tournament week and I'm already completely exhausted. It doesn't help that I almost willingly did this to myself, but ya know, what's college without some questionable life decisions. 

Advance week has been rough and extremely stressful. I constantly felt that like no matter how hard I worked or how long I worked I was never going to be fully caught up and on top of things. 

Perfect example: yesterday I worked for 13 hours straight essentially and still left the office feeling stressed out at 9PM... Only to get to the hotel and have approximately 5 hours worth of stuff to finish up. Including this post. 

I can honestly say that I've definitely learned a lot more in these past two weeks than the other 8 combined. I've found a pattern in my work habits, confirmed that I do actually work best under pressure, and learned to deal with stress in a much different way than I'm used to. 

Now if only I could learn to go to sleep at a decent hour. 3 hours worth of sleep (what I'm currently functioning on) each night this week ain't gonna work. That's the next step in the learning process here. 

My post for next weekend is going to be much more exciting and picture-filled, but felt the need to confirm that I am, in fact, alive. And I'm learning things. And I'm excited. And terrified. 

So, here's to tournament week! And making it out alive!

PS- I may have some major life-path changes on the way (included in next intern post.)
PSS- GO BUBBA!! And Go Dawgs!

xoxo, jgp

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No. Not Christmas.

This time. Right now. 

Masters Weekend. Baseball season. Spring football games. 

Oh, and beautiful weather. Sunny and 75? Yes, please. I'll take that year-round. (Why don't I live in LA again?)

It doesn't get any better than that. Try and tell me differently. 

At work we did an office Masters pool and I came out quite content with my picks:

Bubba Watson 
Who is in the lead as I write this! GO DAWGS! 

Matt Kuchar

Graeme McDowell

We also spent a solid chunk of the workday yesterday watching the Masters and I didn't hate it. I need to be in Augusta. 

Baseball is back and I'm quite happy. Those nights you don't have a good TV show on? No worries! There's always a baseball game to watch. It's the perfect study sport. Just the right amount of background noise, I promise.

The Braves are off to a decent start despite all the ridiculous injuries during spring training. So I've got faith.

Andddd it's G-Day weekend. I'll be missing the game for the first time in about 8 years and I'm a little sad about it. So, GO DAWGS. Because no matter what, we win. Reasons spring football is important: you can't lose.

Linking up with Venus Trapped in Mars today for some Fan Friday action!

What is your favorite part of spring?

xoxo, jgp

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The past couple of weeks, I've found that the most common word used to describe me has been "sassy." And it's got me thinking, because it has come from so many different people that know me in so many different capacities. 

What do they mean by sassy?

Is that a nicer way of them saying I'm a big ole biotch?

What does sassy even mean?

Who am I? What's going on? Does everyone hate me? What's wrong?

You know, the logical things you question when everyone uses the same adjective to describe you.

So obviously I looked it up.

According to Webster:

Solid. I like it.

According to Urban Dictionary (because, duh):

Okay. I'm cool. That's good.

You have to have me? Okay then... 

This one is quite obviously the best answer. And quite obviously written specifically about me. 

But in all seriousness here. Based on my investigation, it appears that people calling me "sassy" is a wonderful compliment. So I think I'm just going to fully embrace this in my life now. 

And I guess I'll go ahead and assume that when menfolk call me sassy that means they love everything about me in a "fun, daring, sexy, playful, flirty, saucy" way. So there's that. 

The message here is watch what you say. Because you may end up unknowingly giving someone a total confidence boost with a simple word. 

xoxo, jgp

Monday, April 7, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 10

As expected, things have gone into hyper speed over here and I like to think I'm handling it well. Although this upcoming week could be a different story. It's advance week, AKA the week before the tournament and things are getting serious. 

It all seemed a little more real yesterday when we hosted our volunteer party! The food was delicious and it was great to meet a lot of our volunteers and mingle a little bit. We also finally got a solid staff photo!

We've also almost completed building everything around the 18th green, and I'm so pumped to see everything start coming together.

That's all the hospitality suites and the expo area. Nothing exciting for a normal person, but way too thrilling for us in the office. It's the little things. 

From these past couple weeks I've definitely learned how to prioritize on my days in the office. Things were so much more relaxed at the beginning of the semester, but now I have to go into my day with a plan and an exact list of things I need to finish before I leave that day. Which is normal for most jobs, I assume, but something I've never really had to do before. 

You have your daily life lists of homework and errands and chores, but most of the time if you don't finish it that day, there's always tomorrow. That's no longer the case at work and I definitely puts the pressure on me, but it's also forced me to be more efficient. 

My final two weeks should be interesting and lord knows the blogs will be all sorts of stressful and excitement but I can't wait to share with y'all! 

What was the most vital thing you learned from your internship/job experiences?

xoxo, jgp

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To: Make Time For Things You Don't Have Time For

It's crunch time. 

You know. That time in the semester when all of your teachers decided to give you tests. You are scrambling trying to find a summer internship, or worse, a real life job. Spring break is over, so all motivation flew out the window after that, and you wish you were still on a beach. 

It's all little bit overwhelming. And that's just about how I've felt since Day 1 of this semester. I've had to make a few huge changes to my schedule, priorities, and over all time management. I've also had to make some pretty big sacrifices. 

I've by no means got this figured out, and if you know me, you know that is 100% not the case. I spend most of my time still running around like a crazy person. But lately I've found a way to do that but still not feel like I'm drowning. (For the first time all year.) So I figured I'd share the best ways I've been able to keep my head above during this crazy time.

ONE | Know your priorities
Sometimes when we get all caught up in the length of our "to-do" lists we tend to forget what actually matters most. And that's totally different for different people. For me, most of the time school isn't my top priority. Yes. I said it. But I know that it still has value. You just have to be able to take a step back and see what's actually the most important thing to get done at that moment. Really take some time to think about this, though. What really matters the most to you?

TWO | Write everything down
I literally cannot stress this enough. We all think we will remember that we have plans with a friend or a quick meeting... Until you've made your schedule for the day and it dawns on you that you've forgotten it. Put it in your calendar, set a reminder, make a note, write it on your hand. Put it down somewhere you know you will see it. It will save you so much struggle. I promise. The Busy Cal app has saved my life more than a few times this semester.

THREE | Don't be scared to fail
This one has been difficult for me this semester. I reached a point in late January where I knew that I had to drop something in my life or I was actually going to fail at everything. This terrified me. I hated that feeling. But it's something you've got to learn at some point or another. I realized that I can't be everything to everyone all time time. I had to make sacrifices and I had to realize that maybe everything I do this semester won't be the greatest thing I've ever done, but, by golly, it was my best effort.

FOUR | Know your limitations
This is so key to surviving when the list of "to-do" items reaches the point of no return and then someone asks you to add something to it. Sometimes you have to say no. Even if it's something important. Saying no is something that has to happen from time to time. It is vital that you do this? Do you really have time for this? And sometimes you really do have to take a step back and ask what's in it for YOU? Think about all these things and how far you can push yourself and make a good decision, not a rash one.

FIVE | Learn the value of sleep
Good Lord. I used to be able to run on no sleep with no problem. I also got to sleep in until 10 every day. That is no longer a thing. And now I constantly feel like I've been run over by a truck, which is no fun when you are trying to work and not waste space. I can still function on less sleep than some people, but I've finally found a system that works for me. If you know you need a certain amount of sleep to look alive, get that amount of sleep. The worst feeling is that total exhaustion because you procrastinated and had to stay up all night working on something. Plan ahead and plan for sleep. Seriously. Try it.

SIX | Have fun
We all take ourselves too seriously these days. Yes, finding a job, and doing well in school, and paying bills are all very important. But have some fun, y'all. Let loose a little bit. I struggled with this terribly my sophomore and junior years of college. I was so "career driven" that I didn't make any time for my friends. And I became somewhat miserable. For some people this only means having lunch with friends and catching up. For others this is going out on the weekends and dancing on tables with friends. Whatever floats your boat, make time for it. Don't neglect what makes life fun just because you think you need to get ahead. Nobody wants to hire someone that's miserable. Remember that.

These six things have honestly gotten me through so many things this semester every time I feel like I'm going to hit rock bottom. Any time you hit the panic button, take a minute and think about these things and what is important to you and go from there.

How do you handle crunch time? What keeps you sane?

xoxo, jgp

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently Swooning: Zella Workout Pants

I'm cheating on Nike. I feel guilty about it. But then I don't because it's totally worth it.

Over Christmas break I took the plunge and bought a couple pairs of Zella workout pants, and it was the best decision I've ever made. 

At the time I bought a pair of black yoga pants, black leggings, and bright blue crop pants. After loving those so much, I went for it and bought bright coral leggings and these...

They are now my favorite pants. Ever. Just don't wear them around anyone with epilepsy. That could end badly.

My point here is, you need to go get some of these. The are super stretchy, come in fun colors, and make working out a little bit more fun.

Here's what Nordstrom has to offer right now:

Something basic.

These are the bright blue ones I purchased in December.

If you are looking for something a little more crazy, I've got you.

They are a little pricey, but so worth it. Nike pants are great, but these are better. Sorry, bro.

What is your favorite brand for workout clothes?

xoxo, jgp