Monday, March 31, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 7 & 8 & 9

Yeah, I've been slacking. Let's just admit it. I've totally dropped the blogging ball and I'm ashamed. But I'm hoping that this weekend I got my life back in order and I keep up with everything again. Fingers crossed.

One of the many reasons my life has been utter chaos lately is, of course, the internship. It's awesome chaos. I love it. But it's freakin' exhausting. I've almost doubled the amount of time I'm in the office and when I'm not in the office, I'm stressing about the things I need to do when I get there. Or things I can do now. Or things I forgot to do. It's stressful.

Coming back from Spring Break and jumping right back into things was a lot to handle, so that's one of the many reasons I'm so far behind. Note to self: you can't handle taking a week off of life. 

It's crunch time over there (read: 14 days 'til tournament week!) and things have kicked into high gear. It's definitely been a learning experience. As tournament week approaches, I'm planning on blogging more about the things I've learned and advice for future intern-ers.

For now, I'm just trying to keep my head above water and stay on top of things as much as possible. I've been drowning in "member badge hell" as of late, which is nothing particularly exciting. Same with credential packing, which I did last weekend.

Although I did get to do some real event planning yesterday and I've got a crucial meeting tomorrow too. So I'm pumped to get into the guts of what I'm actually there for. Not that I haven't honestly been loving everything I'm doing.

The excitement kicked in last week when construction got fully underway. We have structures. I repeat, we have structures.

Yesterday the walls on this thing went up. It's crazy to see how quickly all of this stuff happens. I'll definitely have more pictures of this for next week's post. There's lots of exciting things happening over here, and I'm pumped to tell you more once things get going!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Monday!!

xoxo, jgp

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Currently Swooning: DVF Romper

I don't know about you, but I love a good romper. The bad thing is, they are hard to come by. They are took long in the torso, too short in the torso, your booty hangs out, the boobs don't fit, something always seems to fit funny. But when you find a good one. You just know.

And I wish I had enough change in my pocket to give this one a try. Because I think it may be The One.

It's got everything you need in a romper: shorts that don't look too short, a button top (because sometimes the girls need more or less space, a tie waist, and a perfect print. Perfect.

It's available online at Piperlime right now for a hefty price tag, but me thinks it may be worth it. It's just so beautiful... I may cry.

So before I do. I'm done here. Go swoon, my friends. And send me any other perfect rompers you find. They are my favorite spring/summer outfit. 

xoxo, jgp

Thursday, March 20, 2014

kate spade Giveaway!

I've joined forces with a few girls from the Her Campus Blogger Network to bring you a chance to win a $100 kate spade new york gift card with some other stuff as well!

Here's the lovely group of ladies joining forces and big thanks to Allison Leighann for organizing everything for us! 

You can find the giveaway here

I would totally snag one (or three) of these phone cases or this beautiful specimen:

Or this absolutely precious vase. But wait. This flask

I'm done now. The point here is: enter to win. You can get cool stuffs. 

What would you snag with this gift card?

xoxo, jgp

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014: Debauchery

I'm baaaaaaaack!

After a week of complete and utter madness, and a serious lack of blog posts, I'm back in business. But I wouldn't want to leave y'all out of all the madness that was SB2K14. 

After a 14 hour drive down to Miami, arriving at the wrong hotel, and having a small panic attack while driving, we safely arrived at our hotel. Followed by Hooters for dinner, then we passed out to rest up for one hell of a week. 

The first 24 hours of this trip were extremely stressful, but once I got on the boat- it was party time! 

The first stop was Key West, which I've decided is my home land. We were only there for 5 hours, so it was a sprint... Which ended up with my asleep in the pool that afternoon. Whoops.

Fat Tuesday selfie? Totally necessary.

I also felt obligated to buy this tank while there... It was one of those days.

After sleeping through formal dinner that night, we were Cozumel bound! VIVA MEXICO! Once we were there, the objective was clear: find a beach and find a drink. We did both relatively quickly and I was a happy camper.

If you've never been to Cozumel, it's an interesting city. It looks all wonderful and pretty but it's really just a normal Mexican city. There just happens to be a giant port there. Once we found ourselves a beach, though, all was well with the world. 

Our Fun Day at Sea was awesome. Our group (of 36 people, by the way) spent the day pool side enjoying drinks and good company. We finished the cruise off with a evening of group karaoke, which was absolutely hilarious. I'm ready to go back.  

We were definitely the life of the party on the boat and I really just wish we were still on the boat. Mainly because my body still thinks it is and I've got sea legs stumbling all over the place. And because school is annoying right now. 

So here's to my final spring break and getting my life back in order!

What are you doing/what did you do for SB?

xoxo, jgp

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guest Post: Alex @ High Heels and Treadmills

While I'm off cruising to Cozumel, I thought I'd line up at least one guest post for the week. My best friend Alex is taking over to tell you a little bit about us!

Hey y’all, it’s Alex from over atHigh Heels and Treadmills taking over JGP for today while Caley is sailing her happy butt through the Atlantic. I'm not jealous or anything. Anywhoodles, for this guest post take over I am going to tell y'all about my friendship with the chick behind Just Georgia Peachy.

First things first, Caley and I are actually real life best friends! We go way back to when I was once fat and when Caley once had black hair. We were killing it. I'll save y'alls precious eyes from that sight because it was not pretty. We have been friends for a good eight years now {I want to say, right Caley?-- Pushing it. I think it's seven and some change!} and there is never a dull moment!

Look! We got hot!

Anyways, I am so thankful for my friendship with Caley and I’m even more thankful that we both are blogger besties. The blogging world is crazy and overwhelming so it’s always good to have a good friend close for support and help when in full-blown blog panic mode.

I’m excited to grow our blogs together and see where our blog lives and real lives take us!

Hope you’re having fun booze cruising it! Xo

Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, jgp

Sunday, March 9, 2014

JGP Out!

Well y'all, I'm off to explore the world this week! Today I'm driving 12 hours to Miami, then I'm hoping on a ship to Key West and Cozumel from there. 

So there won't be too much action over here or on social media. Mainly because I have no idea how the interwebz works when you leave the United States. It is my first time out of the country, after all. Eep! 

So brace yourselves for an onslaught of pictures and excitement when I return. 

In the mean time, I've got a few posts lined up including a guest post from my bestie Alex from High Heels and Treadmills, an update on my internship, and maybe something else.

I'm also writing this post at 3 AM... We are leaving for Miami in 3 hours. I should maybe sleep. I am driving after all. Ugh. Okay. 

Sorry this post isn't pretty, but goodbyes ain't pretty.

xoxo, jgp

Friday, March 7, 2014


I only use one brand of phone case for my beloved iPhone. I had an iPhone 4 for more than two years and the screen never shattered, all my buttons worked, and my phone always looked stylish. Thanks in large part to kate spade new york. 

I've gone through at least five ksny cases in the past three years because they come out with precious new ones so often I can't resist them. Now that I've got an iPhone 5S, I'm fully embracing all the new cases. And right now their options are a gold mine. I'm in heaven.

I'm almost positive this one was actually made for me. Always the driver. Always in charge. 

Maybe put my three years of Italian to good use?

This one with my gold iPhone 5S? I need it now.

I always go with ksny resin cases, but I may have to make an exception for this rubber one.

Who else loves kate space cases as much as I do? #Perfection

xoxo, jgp

P.S. These pumps needs to find their way to my closet ASAP.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 6

This past week was total chaos. I left Athens on Wednesday afternoon and didn't return until Sunday night. All of this is due, in large part, to my internship. I normally work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I was semi-in-charge of our open house on Wednesday night. So there I was.

I had forgotten how hard it was to manage my time when it's not on my normal schedule. So it was definitely an interesting week away from my usual grind. 

The biggest, most fun thing of the week was Wednesday night, obviously. I'm going to go ahead and post this picture, because it's just that hilarious. Before the open house, the interns had to get a picture for our spectator guide. The actual picture turned out alright. But like, why are we so awkward?

This was the only decent picture, because I suck at pictures. So this happened, duh:

God bless.

Moving on!

The open house was actually really cute. And everyone loved the office. Not that I really made that happen, but still. #Proud.

This party had all the necessities: cookies, wine, cheese, and beer. Really though, what more can a girl ask for? Nothing. 

We're getting so close to the tournament now and I'm starting to get a little bit too excited about it! Fingers crossed for a good week starting tomorrow!

xoxo, jgp

P.S. This is serious: someone teach me how to not mess up every picture. Advice is necessary.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lola 2.0

This has been one heck of a weekend. After one of the craziest weeks I've had in a while, I had a big day waiting at the end of the tunnel. 

Saturday I bought a car.

Like, a brand new one. And I financed it. So I'm officially an adult or something I guess. This also knocked out No. 49 on my 101 in 1001 list!

Saturday I felt panicky for about 5 hours. Then when I drove off the lot I was terrified I was going to wreck it. Then I got real excited and told everyone I knew about it and drove everyone around. 

Now I'm just hoping this excitement never goes away. But that first car payment may change that. Once again, big girl problems. 

But with no further adieu, feast your eyes on this beautiful specimen:

That, my friends, is a 2014 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition. And I don't mean to brag, but I mean, it's pretty sweet. And I'm only a little excited about it. 

It's totally tricked out, which wasn't the plan. But it happened. So I have to share.

Red stitching on my leather? Don't mind if I do.


And last, but not least, my car seems to think it's still 2010. LOL at you Miley Cyrus.

She still doesn't have a name yet. We aren't on that level yet. So I'll be sure to keep you posted on that one. But so far we are getting along great. Although she does have a lot of fancy bells and whistles going on inside that throw me off sometimes. But we're learning.

I'm a proud mama right now. I want the world to ride around in my car and see how wonderful it is. Maybe I'm full of myself. Or maybe I'm just a child pretending to be an adult. Who knows. Either way. This is Lola 2.0 and I'm in love.

What is your dream car?? Because this is totally mine right now.

xoxo, jgp

Oh. And God bless Lola. RIP. You'll always be my first love.