Sunday, February 16, 2014


Now this may be a problem that's unique to me, but based on the fact that these were invented by someone else, I'm going to guess that I'm wrong.

I can't be the only person who spent several years attempting to find a pair of earphones that didn't catapult out of your ears after 5 seconds on a treadmill. I've essentially determined that I have weird shaped ears. I can't even get earplugs to stay in... Trust me, I've tried one too many times.

But last year I stumbled upon some bright coral colored silicone earbuds that changed my life. My Yurbuds are made specifically for women's ears, so they are smaller and actually made to not fall out when you sweat... That's a whole different struggle of mine. 

Over Christmas break I bought another pair in this lovely neon green shade. I figured you can't have too much of a good thing, right? So now I always have a pair handy in my workout bag and my purse, just in case. 

These are the only earbuds that I've never had an issue with. They don't fall out (unless I'm completely soaked in sweat, which is understandable), and the audio is amazing.

In my experience, most little nugget earphones like this have subpar audio, and tend to crackle and stop working with you get sweat in them... which doesn't happen with these either, since the actual technology is covered with the silicone cover. But the bass on these things rocks. Which is exactly what you need during a workout-- a good beat.

I'm just absolutely in love with these. And you should be too. I went for a run with them today and rocked out to some Beyonce and they didn't fall out. Because they are the 

Oh, and the colors? So much fun. Thank you, Yurbuds, for making my workouts a little less miserable sometimes. They also make wireless and behind-the-ear options too. 

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Have you tried Yurbuds? Or what brand works best for your workouts?

xoxo, jgp

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  1. I've never tried Yurbuds, but I've found that earbuds that suction work best for me. I have little ears, as in Applie earphones won't fit all the way in; so I've had a lot of trouble with earphones too.