Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 5

This past week was fun! There was a lot going on at the GGC offices, and we are official less than 50 days away from tournament week! So the stress is kicking in just a little bit. 

Tuesday was spent playing catch up from the week we missed because of all the snow. I went to a marketing meeting just to see what it was all about. Then Thursday was pure chaos. It was essentially back to back to back meetings and you could say I was a bit overwhelmed. 

I also had my first ever "program update" and review. So my bosses sat down with me and asked me about my experiences then told me how to get better at what I'm doing. So it was a good experience. It was really my first time getting real constructive criticism from someone outside of the journalism world. So that was certainly different.

But about the fun stuff! 

Thursday morning I had a meeting about our Executive Women's Day, which happens on the Monday of tournament week. It's going to be really awesome, but we haven't nailed down a keynote speaker yet. We almost had Lori from Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta, but she had a conflict. Saddest day ever. This will be an interesting career experience for me, so I'm pumped about it.

Then I had a meeting about a party the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating (our presenting sponsor) is hosting during tournament week. I actually got asked for some input, and didn't feel like a total waste of space!! One point for Caley! I digress.

I would definitely say the biggest thing I'm learning from all of this is how different the environment is in a journalism world than in a corporate-ish world. We aren't super serious at the office, because it's sports and it's fun, and we're all young. But when executives come into the offices, it's a different feel. Something I never experienced in my little broadcast bubble over here. So I'm learning how to handle myself a little better in those situations. 

Best part of the week may have actually been when my boss told us to grab all the polos and jackets we wanted from last year's tournament. College kids and free clothes? You can guess how that went. 

Perks of the job, I guess. I can't complain. Those polos will be making lots of appearances here soon, I'm sure. My life keeps getting more and more hectic by the day, so looking cute at work is becoming less and less of a priority. 

I reached a new low on Thursday. I didn't have time to shower the night before work, and the one bottle of dry shampoo I had was empty. So I went to my first meeting, stopped at Kroger on my way to the office, then proceeded to dry shampoo my hair in the office bathroom. That may be rock bottom. I blame the lack of sleep and pure delirium I was experiencing most of last week. Because my calendar looked like this:

This week I've got some exciting things happening. Which will also include pictures for once. Yay! So next week's post will certainly be fun! I'm also working on a Time Management 101 post about how to make time for things you don't actually have time for. Not that I've actually got my crap together or anything... The irony. It's a work in progress. Always.

Happy Monday, y'all!

xoxo, jgp

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