Monday, February 17, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 4

So. There's not much to see here. 

It snowed. A lot. Again. So I didn't make it to work at all this week. But I did learn something from this time away... I really like my internship.

Being away for a week opened my eyes to the fact that I really enjoy spending time there, even though it means I have to peel myself out of the bed at 6AM. 

It also became clear to me how bored and stir-crazy I get when I'm not running around like I've lost my mind. The chaos works for me. Sitting at home for three days and not being able to leave was not as fun as you would think.

So this resulted in no cute snowy golf course pictures. And no funny stories. And no event planning.

My only progress this week was bumps and bruises from my attempts at sledding on the hill in my neighborhood.

So here's to next week! Please bless us with warm weather, clear skies, and productivity.

Oh, well would you look at that... It's like I knew or something.

What are you looking forward to this week?

xoxo, jgp

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