Thursday, February 27, 2014

Heaven in a Box: NatureBox

Anyone who has every stepped foot in my house knows that I have a serious RueLaLa addiction. There is almost away a RueLaLa box or bag in my room or living room. It's a thing. And recently I've bought a couple off-site coupon code offers from them that I'd thought about, but never acted on.

One of them is NatureBox. It's actually my new favorite thing. I got my second one in the mail yesterday and jumped for joy. Literally. 

The hardest part of dieting for me is snacks. My natural instinct is to just grab some chips or crackers, but most of the time, those are full of fat and carbs. Yuck. So NatureBox essentially solves that problem for me. They send a ton of healthy snack options to me every month. And unlike most box subscriptions, it's not small sample sizes. It's bags. And it's the greatest thing ever.

This month's box had a surprise too!

I actually tried every single thing in my box yesterday almost immediately. And loved every one of them. But my favorite part about it is that you can choose what's in your box each month. 

Got something and didn't like it? You can tell them you don't want that again. Want to try something new? Search the site and add them to next month's box. Simple. I've already found a few favorites. They also get new snacks in each month, so you never have to get the same things twice if you don't want to!

These things right here are my heaven. I got the cranberry ones last month and added these to this month's box. They will be happening again. That's for sure.

But the reason I brought up RueLaLa to start with is that NatureBox is back on RueLaLa again today! I highly suggest giving it a try. It's more expensive than other subscription boxes, but oh so worth it. I look forward to getting mine in the mail each month to see what lovely things they send.

You also get to choose the size of the boxes you want to receive each month. I only get 5, but I would love to get more. Maybe for next year's subscription. Yes, I'm so serious about this.

So go. Now. I promise you won't regret it.

What subscription boxes do y'all get?? Which ones do I need to try immediately?

xoxo, jgp

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 5

This past week was fun! There was a lot going on at the GGC offices, and we are official less than 50 days away from tournament week! So the stress is kicking in just a little bit. 

Tuesday was spent playing catch up from the week we missed because of all the snow. I went to a marketing meeting just to see what it was all about. Then Thursday was pure chaos. It was essentially back to back to back meetings and you could say I was a bit overwhelmed. 

I also had my first ever "program update" and review. So my bosses sat down with me and asked me about my experiences then told me how to get better at what I'm doing. So it was a good experience. It was really my first time getting real constructive criticism from someone outside of the journalism world. So that was certainly different.

But about the fun stuff! 

Thursday morning I had a meeting about our Executive Women's Day, which happens on the Monday of tournament week. It's going to be really awesome, but we haven't nailed down a keynote speaker yet. We almost had Lori from Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta, but she had a conflict. Saddest day ever. This will be an interesting career experience for me, so I'm pumped about it.

Then I had a meeting about a party the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating (our presenting sponsor) is hosting during tournament week. I actually got asked for some input, and didn't feel like a total waste of space!! One point for Caley! I digress.

I would definitely say the biggest thing I'm learning from all of this is how different the environment is in a journalism world than in a corporate-ish world. We aren't super serious at the office, because it's sports and it's fun, and we're all young. But when executives come into the offices, it's a different feel. Something I never experienced in my little broadcast bubble over here. So I'm learning how to handle myself a little better in those situations. 

Best part of the week may have actually been when my boss told us to grab all the polos and jackets we wanted from last year's tournament. College kids and free clothes? You can guess how that went. 

Perks of the job, I guess. I can't complain. Those polos will be making lots of appearances here soon, I'm sure. My life keeps getting more and more hectic by the day, so looking cute at work is becoming less and less of a priority. 

I reached a new low on Thursday. I didn't have time to shower the night before work, and the one bottle of dry shampoo I had was empty. So I went to my first meeting, stopped at Kroger on my way to the office, then proceeded to dry shampoo my hair in the office bathroom. That may be rock bottom. I blame the lack of sleep and pure delirium I was experiencing most of last week. Because my calendar looked like this:

This week I've got some exciting things happening. Which will also include pictures for once. Yay! So next week's post will certainly be fun! I'm also working on a Time Management 101 post about how to make time for things you don't actually have time for. Not that I've actually got my crap together or anything... The irony. It's a work in progress. Always.

Happy Monday, y'all!

xoxo, jgp

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Currently Reading: The Next Best Thing

I might as well be a book blog at this point. I feel like these posts happen more than anything else. But what can I say? I love books!

And I'm loving this one.

It's about a TV show writer... So it's really no surprise that I can't put it down. I'm actually so predictable when it comes to books that I bought this book over a year ago... then got another copy for Christmas from my mom. Maybe I should branch out?

Mmm. Betta not.

The Next Best Thing is the first book I've ever read by Jennifer Weiner, but she's pretty famous, so I clearly missed that train. But I'm hopping right on it very soon. AKA once I have some money to blow in my "book budget," which, yes, is a real thing.

But anyways, despite my interest in TV, I really think this is a book that every girl should read. A large part of the storyline is the main character, Ruth, dealing with being self-conscious of her face, which was burned and disfigured in a car accident when she was a child.

Weiner does a really good job of making you feel like you're going through this with Ruth and all of her issues. It also does a good job of putting things in perspective: life after college, moving to a strange city, loving others when you still don't love yourself, and making a career for yourself.

I would 1000% recommend this book for anyone about to make that transition into the real world. But really everyone should read this. It's such an easy read and has a really strong storyline.

Turns out that Weiner is actually a TV producer and a former journalist. So no wonder this book is so well written. She actually lived this life. I need to meet this woman. ASAP.

I'm only about a third of the way through this and I already know this is going to be a book I'm sharing with friends afterwards. It's that good.

Have you read any Jennifer Weiner books? What's your favorite?

xoxo, jgp

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

15 Days Post-Advocare

I finished my 24-Day Challenge a little over 2 weeks ago. That day was quite honestly one of the biggest reliefs ever. As determined as I was to stick with my plan, I fell down more than a few times, but just got up and dusted my knees off real quick. 

So now that I don't have the pressure of failing at a "challenge," it's been a much different experience. I don't want to die when I eat some cheese dip. And I honestly have more energy. I think I spent all of my energy worrying about eating something bad. Now if I eat some M&Ms, it's all good. Nobody died. And beer is back in my life. So all is well with the world again.

But I did maintain a lot of the eating habits I picked up during the plan. Which has been very helpful in maintaining a decent diet. That was always my biggest struggle. 

I've also ramped up my workouts almost two-fold from when I originally started the plan. When I joined Team Strength, I found my happy place again. And that didn't happen until the very end of my plan. 

With all that said, I'm essentially back at the weight I was at before the Advocare. But I'm definitely smaller than I was then. Which totally attests to the fact that the scale isn't a good indicator. I look better, I feel better, and I weigh the same. Who cares? 

Blame the muscle, blame college eating habits, blame the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol, blame hormones. Whatever. I'm happy. And I'm seeing progress. Which is what we all want. I'm lifting almost 3 times what I was in December, and I've got these strange things growing on my arms. I think people call them biceps? Yeah. Those.

I've also got some strange bruises to show for it.

Left shoulder bruise? Sure, why not?
Knees bruised up? Duh.
Mid-thigh bruises? I mean, I guess so? Normal.

So my post-Advocare journey has honestly been better than my on-Advocare journey.

I learned from it. And it was the kickstart I was looking for. So that's all I really needed.

And, of course, because I'm me, and can't stop one thing without starting another... I'm starting a juicing thing tomorrow, as that last push before Spring Break (20 days, holy crap.)

Have you tried the juicing craze? What did you think?

xoxo, jgp

Monday, February 17, 2014

101 in 1001 Update 3.0

I figured it was about time I did some sort of update on my 101 list. 

None of the particularly exciting things have happened, because college life is somewhat restricting in that way. But I have been able to accomplish or make progress on a few things here lately. I've also gone back through my list and changed a couple redundant goals and changed a few that just seemed a little off. 

No. 16
This is one of the ones I updated. Originally this was only 20 restaurants, but I decided that if I've got 2.5 years, I should aim for 50. So, that's the new goal. I made a list of places in Athens that I have to eat at before I graduate, so I'm working on knocking those off the list in the next nine months. 

One of them was The World Famous, which I ended up at due to some impromptu Friday night plans a few weeks ago. And I got a chicken and waffles club sandwich. I died. Delish. 

Oh, and over break, I nonmed so hard a J.Christopher's, a brunch place... AKA my favorite meal.

No. 60
This is such a girl thing, I feel like. An entire month without Coke Zero. It happened. And I still haven't touched it. I'm going on two months with any sort of soda. Coke Zero used to be my life line. So this is kind of a big deal. It all started with my Advocare 24-Day Challenge, and I've just stuck with it! It's all about the small victories, right?

No. 68
Boxing. Oh, how I've missed you. There is nothing that feels quite as good as beating the crap out of an inanimate object after a long week. It's also an amazing workout. 
I've added this and Team Strength to my life recently and I'm loving it. I needed a change in my workouts and I couldn't be happier. There's probably a post about Team Strength coming soon. It's my new addiction.

This video is corny, but basically my life now. I also make a quick appearance. Anddddd I'm in the thumbnail looking awkward. 


No. 49
Oh Lord. A new car. This could be happening soon. Poor ole Lola has been loyal to me for the past 6 years, but she's falling apart. My air conditioner has puttered out on me and that can't be a thing. Not with my sweaty self. So I'm getting that checked out this week and if it's a lost cause, Lola may be long gone. Poor thing. 

But look how cute she is with all those icicles on her... 

No. 72
I literally have over 200 t-shirts. Most of them are sitting at home in a drawer serving non purpose. So I'm going to get a t-shirt quilt made with them ASAP. I plan on shipping the shirts out to someone in the next two weeks. I'm a little bit too excited about this. 

(Insert picture here of the ridiculous number of t-shirts I've been hoarding for years.)

I also can't forget about Spring Break coming in about 3 weeks. I'll be traveling out of the country for the first time ever, so that will be a big one to knock off the list, it's number 1 on the list, actually! 

I need to do more traveling. That's what I've decided. Any ideas or opinions on great places for a college girl to travel? That's not in Alabama, Tennessee, or Florida? I've already been to those states, I've got to branch out sometime. 

xoxo, jgp

Intern Diaries: Week 4

So. There's not much to see here. 

It snowed. A lot. Again. So I didn't make it to work at all this week. But I did learn something from this time away... I really like my internship.

Being away for a week opened my eyes to the fact that I really enjoy spending time there, even though it means I have to peel myself out of the bed at 6AM. 

It also became clear to me how bored and stir-crazy I get when I'm not running around like I've lost my mind. The chaos works for me. Sitting at home for three days and not being able to leave was not as fun as you would think.

So this resulted in no cute snowy golf course pictures. And no funny stories. And no event planning.

My only progress this week was bumps and bruises from my attempts at sledding on the hill in my neighborhood.

So here's to next week! Please bless us with warm weather, clear skies, and productivity.

Oh, well would you look at that... It's like I knew or something.

What are you looking forward to this week?

xoxo, jgp

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Now this may be a problem that's unique to me, but based on the fact that these were invented by someone else, I'm going to guess that I'm wrong.

I can't be the only person who spent several years attempting to find a pair of earphones that didn't catapult out of your ears after 5 seconds on a treadmill. I've essentially determined that I have weird shaped ears. I can't even get earplugs to stay in... Trust me, I've tried one too many times.

But last year I stumbled upon some bright coral colored silicone earbuds that changed my life. My Yurbuds are made specifically for women's ears, so they are smaller and actually made to not fall out when you sweat... That's a whole different struggle of mine. 

Over Christmas break I bought another pair in this lovely neon green shade. I figured you can't have too much of a good thing, right? So now I always have a pair handy in my workout bag and my purse, just in case. 

These are the only earbuds that I've never had an issue with. They don't fall out (unless I'm completely soaked in sweat, which is understandable), and the audio is amazing.

In my experience, most little nugget earphones like this have subpar audio, and tend to crackle and stop working with you get sweat in them... which doesn't happen with these either, since the actual technology is covered with the silicone cover. But the bass on these things rocks. Which is exactly what you need during a workout-- a good beat.

I'm just absolutely in love with these. And you should be too. I went for a run with them today and rocked out to some Beyonce and they didn't fall out. Because they are the 

Oh, and the colors? So much fun. Thank you, Yurbuds, for making my workouts a little less miserable sometimes. They also make wireless and behind-the-ear options too. 

Linking up with Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars for Operation Get Fit!
Have you tried Yurbuds? Or what brand works best for your workouts?

xoxo, jgp

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tales of the V-Day Creep

So last night... Where do I start? It started with a simple plan.

But then things got weird.

Let's just say that I'm beginning to seriously question some of the men on this planet. Yes, some of them were college boys, far from men, but still. Some of the things I saw and heard last night was quite startling. 

I'd like to take a second to say that just because a group of girls are out together, that does not mean they are looking for men. Yes, they may be. But the whole "pounce while they're lonely" thing is a little crazy.

I actually heard two bros talking to each other at a bar last night strategizing on how to pick up girls on Valentine's Day. It went a little something like this:

Experienced Bro: "Yeah, man. You just totally find a group of girls, and pick the hottest one. Because you know they are all lonely and single. So you don't even have to try that hard."

Newb: "Okay. Okay. So what's the pick-up line here?"

Experienced Bro: "I told you man, you don't even have to try. Just talk to them. They just want a man tonight. They don't care who."

I overheard this and was slightly appalled and extremely concerned. But then the night went downhill from there. I wish I'd had a video camera to capture some of this, because it just doesn't sound like real life. 

Exhibit A: The group of 5 girls I was with are sitting at table at a bar. Two fellows approach the table. The first asks what all of us lovely ladies are doing here alone on Valentine's Day. (That was your first wrong step, my friend.) Then his fellow dude strikes up a conversation with one of my friends. For some reason, this causes Dude #1 to freeze up. Instead he decided to stand at the end of our table and just stare at us. Not saying anything. Just standing there. For about 5 minutes. After an extremely uncomfortable 5 minutes, he finally decides to walk away, upset that his friend may actually be mildly interesting. 

Exhibit B: This actually occurred after Dude #1 got mad and walked away while his wingman was chatting it up with my friend. This random fellow comes walking up to our table, stops, stares at us, says "GOOD GOD!" and walks away. I'm still confused by his attempt at flattery.

Exhibit C: After being sufficiently creeped out at the previous bar, we moved on up the street looking for a different crowd. A for effort. That is all. Within 5 minutes of arriving at our new location, a lonely boy roams our way and asks if "we will be here for like 5 more minutes." Uh, why do you ask my friend? Because that's a strange way to approach a group of women. He then proceeds to count us and announce that there are 5 of us, and he has 4 friends that he would like to go grab to simply have some nice conversations and buy us some drinks. He then took about 10 minutes explaining this to us. While that took me about 15 seconds. I digress. He then walked away to get his friends, took too long, and we decided to leave. We passed him on the way out and to say he was disgruntled would be an understatement. He actually yelled at one of the girls I was with. 

I will never understand. They were out in full creep-mode last night. I thought I'd seen it all. But that would be false. 

I think it's all rooted in pathetic things that look like this:
Ugh. Stop.

It's all in good fun if you don't just jump in there thinking you've got game. A little bit of chivalry never killed anybody, so start from the top, don't jump in there with strange pick-up lines or with some strange pelvic thrusting. It's not going to work for you, bro.

Just because I'm single on Valentine's Day does not mean I'm looking for you to temporarily fill some void in my life for the evening. I'm just trying to have some fun with my fellow single ladies. Is there something so hard to understand about that? Don't pity me, please.

I'll leave you with a precious picture of the girls from last night that drew so much attention from unwanted suitors.

Am I the only one who experienced this struggle last night? 
Or are men everywhere this awful?

xoxo, jgp

Monday, February 10, 2014

Currently Reading: Paper Towns

I think I've made it fairly obvious that if John Green writes it, I read it. And I love it. And if you follow me on Twitter, you really know this. Whoops.

This book was a little different for me. I actually finished it yesterday on my lazy Sunday. During most of the book, I liked it, but didn't love it.

But the very last section of the book was awesome. It's such a "finding your place" type of a book once you get into it. Which confused me a little bit because this one is technically listed as a "teen" book. I think that's only because it's based on characters in high school, though. Or I guess it could be looked at as a "coming-of-age" book as well.

It's also one of those quotable books I love...

"What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person."
"If you don't imagine, nothing ever happens at all."

My basic summary: It's a story about a high school boy who loves a girl from afar, but doesn't ever really know her. Then she runs away and he tries to find her because he wants to find the real her. In the journey, everyone starts to discover more about themselves and less about each other.

As usual, this book made me laugh get a little teary eyed a few times as well. Typical John Green tugging at every emotion possible.

I only have one left: Looking for Alaska. So that will be happening soon.

But if you are looking for a good book and don't know where to start- just pick up any John Green book and I promise you'll be satisfied.

Have you read any John Green books?? What's your favorite?

xoxo, jgp

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 3

This week was so much fun. Best week of interning so far. Hands down. (It's also one of the reasons you haven't seen much from me this week.)

I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of things and I'm finding my role within the office a little better. I had two really important meetings with event planners this week and I loved it. We're working on our huge kickoff party and a semi-secret party during tournament week.

The kickoff party is totally up my alley and what I want to do forever. Totally over the top and extravagant and classy and fun. We haven't settled on a theme yet, but when we do, and send out the invites, I'll be sharing. Because it's going to be the best party I've ever been to. For sure.

Our party planner has done some of the craziest parties I've ever seen. He was showing up pictures of stuff on Thursday and I was just in awe. Here's some of the pictures from last year:

And this year is going to be even cooler. I'm so pumped. 

We also had a staff outing on Thursday. Grown men and laser tag never gets old. So entertaining. My boss got a picture of us. I'll have to find it. It was a little too much fun running around screaming and jumping around like a kid again. Margs happened beforehand too. Which was totally the move. Wish I had pictures of this.

Thursday night just reaffirmed that I work with the greatest people. It definitely makes my internship that much more fun.

I'm ridiculously excited about the rest of the semester. Especially tournament week. It's going to be an exhausting and rewarding week... My favorite!

xoxo, jgp

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekend Reading


This weekend will be spent getting my life back in order. I'm finally dropping a class that's been stressing me out. I'm getting back on top of my school work. Cleaning will happen. And reading will happen. It's going to be great.

I've gathered some of the best things I've found online this week to share:

As you all should be following the Olympics, please check out these #SochiProblems.

Still trying to find a way to improve yourself in 2014? This girl's got a plan!

For all of the travelers and adventurers. With a follow up of why #14 should definitely be on your list.


This one is just hilarious. We've all met these guys. I just try to avoid them. 

This one is for the football fan in all of us.

A little pick-me-up if you've had a rough week. 

This absolutely precious Etsy shop. I want all of those planners.

For anyone going through the stress of the internship or job search, advice on 5 things that will make that hiring manager love you. Also check out this and that.

And this may or may not be my life story. 

Have a wonderful weekend! And, as usual, I leave you with some weekend inspiration.


What are you reading this weekend?

xoxo, jgp

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It's been an interesting couple of weeks over here.

I've had plenty of ups and downs and arounds and struggles. But it's all honestly given me an amazing perspective on where I am in life... And how blessed I actually am.

I go to the greatest university in the world.
And I'm getting an education that will take me everywhere I want to go in life. My peers and professors push me everyday to be a better me.

I have the greatest friends I could ask for.
They are always there for me when I need them. And they encourage me, and make me laugh when I want to cry, and tell me life ain't that hard when I think I'm dying.

I have an amazing internship.
I've been given an opportunity to do something I love every week while still being a college student. That doesn't happen to everyone and I now see it as an opportunity rather than a necessity.

I have a loving family.
When I feel like I'm dying and need to vent, my mother will listen and my dad will encourage me. My grandparents always point me in the right direction. And I can always count on that.

I'm in good health.
Such good health, in fact, that I can dedicate an hour or more of my time a day to workout. I'm also blessed to have some of the best trainers leading me towards a healthier life. And I am blessed enough to be able to eat right to maintain a healthy diet.

I have a path in life.
I know what I want to do, and what I need to do to get there. Which many people my age can't say they have figured out yet.

Needless to say, I've been counting my blessings these past few days. And it's definitely changed my whole mindset. It's so easy to sit around and feel sorry for yourself when you are stressed and feeling pressured or overwhelmed. But it's sometimes the greatest thing to just sit back and really count all of your blessings.

I leave you with this:

xoxo, jgp

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Intern Diaries: Week 1 & 2

It's been an interesting week of ups and downs, that's for sure. 

The Snowpocalypse and alone would have made for an interesting week, but it just got weirder from there. My uncle has been in the hospital for two weeks with the doctors continually telling him that they don't know what's wrong. He finally went home last night, though. I caught up with two long, lost friends on Thursday and Friday. I finally finished up Advocare! And that whole Snowpocalypse thing happened. 

But one solid thing has been my internship! This week was odd because I had to leave early on Tuesday because of the snow and didn't go in on Thursday because the club was closed... due to snow. 

But, really, does it get any cuter than this??

But it's been awesome. I'm learning a lot and I've been given a lot of responsibility, which is exactly what I wanted. I couldn't imagine doing an internship where I'm one of 50 interns and have very little input in anything. 

I'm currently in the process of helping plan our huge kick-off party, Kid's Day, Easter activities, and an Open House at our new offices. It's all so much fun and things I'm actually good at so I'm quite content. 

The office also does monthly staff outings and our first one is this Thursday night. I'm strangely excited for it. Mainly because the people are work with are so much fun!

My internship was one of the main reasons why I had a minor major breakdown on Monday night with my mom. My classes were overwhelming. My commute was stressing me out. And I realized that I really had no time to breathe. Then the snow came and class was cancelled Wednesday. And my internship was canceled on Thursday. So I essentially had two full days to get my life in order. God works in weird ways.

I now feel like a new person and I'm caught up on so much stuff. I've also decided to drop one of the classes that is causing me ridiculous amounts of stress. Mother told me to. So I will. 

Long story short... It's been a good two weeks minus the ups and downs and chaos. I just needed some perspective and the giant snow storm definitely gave me that. 

Hope you've all had a great week!

xoxo, jgp