Friday, January 10, 2014


Don't talk about playoffs!!

Yes, let's talk about playoffs!
Even though my Falcons absolutely sucked this year, I'm still pumped about the NFL playoffs this year. Primarily because at the beginning of the season I decided I was picking up the Broncos as my team as well.

Because Peyton Manning and Knowshon Moreno. That's all I need. I've decided that if you don't like Peyton Manning you are wrong.

So, this weekend I'm all about the Broncos kicking some booty. Maybe we will see some more of these monster tears:
But not in a sad way. Never. Go Broncos!

I also decided to do something very un-Caley-like and make my playoff picks based on what team has the most attractive QB. Shallow? Yes. Accurate? Eh... Entertaining? Hell yes.

So last weekend my picks were the Chiefs, Saints, Chargers, and Packers. 

Here's why:
Alex Smith, Chiefs QB

Drew Brees, Saints QB

Philip Rivers, Chargers QB

And the main attraction:
Aaron Rodgers, Packers QB

I love me some Aaron Rodgers. And seeing him go last weekend was rough. I would love nothing more than to stare at his lovely self for a few more weeks. At least he's got those obnoxious State Farm commercials though, am I right?

I ended up going 2-2 last weekend. And as much as I would really like to continue my picks this way, because, let's be honest-- it's fun, I can't chose Philip Rivers of my Broncos, and that 49s/Panthers game is a lose-lose all around. Ew, Scam Newton-- bye. And the Colts/Patriots game? There's no match-up there... Cro-Magnon Man vs. the model... Yeah. So there's that. 

So, bon voyage fun picks! I'll see you at next year's Wild Card weekend!

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Who ya got for this weekend's games?

xoxo, jgp