Monday, January 6, 2014

Advocare 24-Day Challenge

I've been sitting at a weight plateau for a while, and despite my attempts at working out and eating right (except for when I accidentally binge on Mexican), I haven't been able to get past it. 

So I decided that I needed something to kick start my year off right and see what kind of changes I could see. After seeing a couple of bloggers do the Advocare 24-Day Challenge, I decided I would give it a try. 

Surely I can eat right for 24 days and drink weird things and take a bunch of pills, right? 


So today, I started the "Cleanse Phase" and I've already had some realizations. 

Fiber drink… Death. I had heard that this was pretty disgusting. But I honestly had no idea how bad it really was until I tried to drink this stuff this morning. 

Yes. It actually looks like that.
It's seriously the most awful thing I've ever tried to consume I think. So. Here's to only having 5 more of those left. Ick.


Eating clean isn't as awful as I expected. I've realized that when you eat clean (or semi-clean), you get to eat more. Which I love. The more food, the merrier I am. I've done a pretty good job at meal planning, which is making everything a little bit easier. Although I am already having some rough cravings. As expected. So hopefully I'll get that under control soon.

I'm so glad I already workout regularly. If I didn't, and tried to do this and workout (which you are supposed to do to get the best results), I don't think I could do it. I just love me some Mexican food. So cutting that out and attempting to force myself to workout every day… things would be ugly. 

I plan on blogging every 5 days of the phase with results and how I'm feeling. I'll also be sharing any genius recipes I stumble upon in the process!

As of today, I'm feeling normal. I've definitely upped my intake of veggies twofold from that I normally eat. Other than that, nothing crazy. Although I'm slightly terrified of what is going to happen once all these "fiber drinks" have gotten through my system. Yeah. I said it.

I'm excited to see how successful this will be! Fingers crossed I don't break down and eat a bucket of cheese dip!

Have you ever done anything like this plan? What kind of results did you get?

xoxo, jgp


  1. The fiber drink looks like wet sand. What's in it? Good luck with the rest of your cleanse!

    1. The texture of it is essentially like wet sand. But mushier. It's pretty gross. I honestly have no idea what's in it… I could look. But then I may be scared.