Friday, January 10, 2014

24-Day Challenge: Day 5 Update

Well, I'm starting my 5th day of Advocare today, and so far-- I'm not particularly thrilled with it. For a few reasons. 

I seriously feel like I'm missing out on life right now. It's drop/add week and I feel like I should been able to go out and have fun... But it's hard when alcohol is essentially banned from your diet. I also can't go out to get dinner with my friends because I know I probably will make a stupid choice on what to get to eat. That's been my biggest thing so far. It's college. I should be able to go out and enjoy myself, but I chose to do this... And I kind of feel like I'm missing out. I digress.
But really... 

I've been eating right, and attempting to avoid cravings, but I find that I'm hungry... a lot. Which is annoying because I've seen plenty of people say that they weren't hungry on this plan. 

The cleanse really did a number on my body in many ways. It was really not digging me on Day 3... And I'm still dealing with the struggles (read: unscheduled girl functions.)

The fiber drink is just as disgusting as it as on Day 1... Luckily I don't have to have another one for a couple of days. I also think that this may be what really messed my body up. We shall see.

I haven't felt on top of my game either. I really wish I could feel more energized and active. That sluggish-ness I'm feeling is probably due to some of the stuff listed above. I'm ready for the MAX Phase... I feel like that's going to be my "A game."

So, now the fun stuff:

What I miss most: Wine. Ugh. I want it. Now. Yes, at 10 AM. 

What I've learned: I need more time in the morning. You have to drink Spark 30 minutes before breakfast, and I'm used to running out the door in 15 minutes in the morning. This is becoming an issue.

Hardest part: Controlling my cravings. I always want some chocolate or a bagel or some Mexican food. But I can't have it. And this weekend I've got a retreat to go to, so avoiding the chips and bad food could really be a struggle. 

Easiest part: Drinking water. Some people really struggle with this for some reason. I have been drinking at least 10 cups of water a day without any struggle at all. My huge Nalgene is clutch.

Inches lost: 3.75 in

Weight lost: 1.2 lbs

So... I'm seeing some results. I'm just ready for my body to get with the system here. And for my body to stop craving everything bad. So, here's to the next 5 days!

How do you control your cravings?

xoxo, jgp

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  1. Good luck! Mexican food is definitely my biggest weakness.