Wednesday, January 15, 2014

24-Day Challenge: Day 10 Update

Today starts the 10th day of this lovely system. And I can happily say that these past 5 days were much better than the first. I've had a ton of realizations this week that really turned things around for me.

I've essentially just learned to deal with the nastiness that is the Fiber Drink. Drink it as quickly as possible and hold your nose if necessary. It only took 6 of those nasty things to finally get the hang of it.

As much as I miss beer, I've managed to find a solid replacement for now: Deep Eddy Ruby Red, club soda, and lime. It's got flavor and a solid kick so your calories are worth it. 

(Yes, I would like to be as skinny as Ruby... So I drink you.)

Being sick sucks. I've felt like absolute death for the past couple of days, but I've fought through it and already feel a lot better today! Yay!

As you'll see at the bottom, I'm obviously losing inches and weight, but it wasn't until yesterday that I actually felt like I was seeing these results. My stomach looks less bloated and I'm finally starting to feel a little more energized in general, which is totally opposite of the first week.

The fun stuff:

What I miss most: Coffee. Good God I miss it. Spark does a good job of giving me energy throughout most of the day, but sometimes you just need a latte. And I can't have one. And it's killing me.
...except Advocare... 

What I've learned: It's really true what they say: it's 80% diet, 20% exercise. I never believed that, honestly. Even though I was stupid and not seeing results. I would workout all the time and then eat okay and not see results and be all pissy about it. Well Caley, you are really dumb. For real. 

Hardest part: Waking up early enough to deal with everything in the morning. Having to have the Spark 30 minutes before breakfast really throws me off from having a good breakfast because I'm so used to running out the door in the morning. This isn't going to get any easier entering the Max Phase because then I've got to make meal replacement shakes every morning too. Oh, and I have to be up at like 6:45 two days a week... Uh... We shall see. 

Easiest part: Surprisingly it's eating. I've done a pretty darn good job at maintaining my diet. I had a slip up at my retreat this weekend, which included pizza and alcohol, but I still lost more weight this week than last! Go me! (I also got sick a couple days ago and had zero appetite, I'm sure that didn't hurt.)

I even managed to go to Barberitos and get a burrito bowl and- drum roll please- no chips. That, my friends, is an absolute miracle. I'm making progress, y'all!

Inches lost: 7.75 in

Weight lost: 3 lbs

I'm super excited for the Max Phase of this whole thing. I'm ready to not feel like I'm draining my body, but fueling it. I can't wait for my workouts to feel better and hopefully see even more results.

Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, jgp

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