Wednesday, January 15, 2014

20 Things

Well. Everyone is doing these for some reason. So I thought I should jump on the bandwagon because... Why not?

ONE | I have a large collection of koozies and shot glasses. Oh, and wine glasses. Pretty much anything that you can drink out of, I've got a lot of. Cheers!

TWO | If I hadn't been accepted to the University of Georgia, I'm pretty sure my family would have disowned me. And no, I'm not being dramatic. Ask anyone who has entered my home.

THREE | I've only left the southeast once in my life. That was last year's trip to NYC. 

FOUR | I absolutely hate the sport of basketball. I don't understand it. I don't care to understand it. It's all around awful.

FIVE | I've had a pain in my right foot for approximately 6 months now and I have yet to do anything about it. Chances I live with it forever? Pretty good.

SIX | Up until about 2 years ago, you would've had to pay me to eat any veggies. 

SEVEN | I can't really nap. I have to be on the verge of death to fall asleep anytime other than nighttime. 

EIGHT | Most people don't even notice that my eyes are blue... until some random moment in time. Then they feel the need to announce to me that I have blue eyes. It's weird. 

NINE | I will almost always choose to drink beer over any other kind of alcohol... Other than a good margarita. 

TEN | When I had braces, I had just about every piece of orthodontic technology ever made in my mouth. 

ELEVEN | The sound of people eating/chewing makes me want to die. It's a serious problem. I can't be around people that are eating if I'm not eating too.

TWELVE | I'm strangely obsessed with true crime shows... Investigation Discovery is the best channel ever.

THIRTEEN | I hated reading all through high school. I started reading every night in college and it's just stuck with me. 

FOURTEEN | Singing and cooking shows amaze me for no good reason.

FIFTEEN | I have seen Luke Bryan in concert 8 times.

SIXTEEN | I would rather stay up all night than wake up early.

SEVENTEEN | When I played my last softball game, me and my dad both cried. Sports are a thing like that I guess?

EIGHTEEN | I'm obsessed with Nashville and New Orleans. 

NINETEEN | Tennis is one of the few sports I didn't play growing up, but it's the one I'm probably most infatuated by.

TWENTY | Before I decided to go into TV or sports, I wanted to be a lawyer.

xoxo, jgp

Oh wait, a bonus! I'm also terrified of lady bugs. So there's that.


  1. OMG - my koozie collection is seriously outrageous. I'm glad I'm not the only one who collects these. I'm slowly making my way into liking vegetables. I don't think it'll ever fully happen though. I only eat like 3 or 4 different kinds. I wish I was a beer drinker. It's so much cheaper when you're out, but I just gotta stick to my wine...and vodka. I FREAKING LOVE LUKE BRYAN! I'm so jealous that you've gotten to see him so many times. He's coming to Shreveport in March, and the tickets sold out before my friend and I could by them. True tragedy.

  2. I think that whole Luke Bryan obsession, koozie collection, + attending the University of Georgia thing runs hand-in-hand. I think it explains why he was part of the first concert ever there.. I have a koozie cabinet because I own too many for them to fit in one drawer. I also have at least two in every purse I own! I get a lot of shit from my non-UGA friends.