Monday, December 16, 2013

No. 58

Get a facial.

Thanks to a wonderful birthday gift from my best friend Callie, I got to indulge myself for an hour today and try something new at Pearls Spa and Boutique in Downtown Acworth!

I've had a few massages, but never ventured out into facial world and decided it was something I definitely needed to do. I've read/heard enough about how great facials are for healthy skin, so I figured after spending a year of my life on Accutane, it was time to embrace my (finally) clear skin and keep improving it!

Because I'm weird, I did a ton of research before I went in today to make sure nothing strange happens during a facial that I didn't know about. Luckily, I already knew about "extractions" and fully expected lots of them (read: blackheads)… This is apparently the part that shocks most people about facials. Probably because in the movies, you always see facials a lot like this:

While yes, that does happen, that's only a very small part of it… Which I learned all about today! Since I obviously couldn't take pictures during my facial, there's nothing visual here… Just a few tips/thoughts based on my first facial experience. 

- The massage portion is the best… Unless you don't like people touching your face, neck and arms. But in that case, you probably won't enjoy a facial anyways.
- They really do put stuff on your eyes. I never really determined what was on mine, but it was there. 
- The extractions (removing of blackheads, etc. from your skin) weren't as bad as I expected. I also think I may have thick skin from all of my acne experiences and such. It just feels like little pinches with some pressure around the area. 
- One of the reasons I think the extractions don't really hurt is because they steam your face beforehand, loosening up whatever is clogging the pores. It was hard to breathe during that whole steaming process, but I made it out alive. 
- At one point, there was something that felt like a dryer sheet on my face and she was using some sort of strange laser thing on it. I meant to ask afterwards what it was, but forgot. 
- She put something on my face and warned me it would tingle a little. And it did. I wanted to scratch my face so bad. That was honestly the only part that was uncomfortable. 

The best part? When the lady finished my facial and told me that I looked a lot like Jennifer Lawrence. Best. Compliment. Ever. She's the greatest.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience and if I see good results, I will probably try to do facials more regularly. So relaxing. 

Have you ever had a facial? What did you think?

xoxo, jgp

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