Wednesday, December 11, 2013

101 in 1001 Update 2.0

It's been a little over two months since I updated y'all on my 101 in 1001 progress. And I'm sad to say that not much has really been fully accomplished. I have made some headway though.

No. 2
I visited another state: Florida. Nothing too special. But it makes 3/20 for the list of states to visit. 
It was during Georgia Florida weekend, so it was obviously a great time. 

Go Dawgs. That is all.

No. 6
I made a dent in my closet clean out as well. Quite obviously. Help me get rid of everything here. 

No. 16
I've eaten a couple new places. Nothing outstanding though. I've been really disappointed in my lack of branching out on this one. Maybe over break and when I get back to Athens I'll try some more fun stuff!

No. 28
If you follow me on social media or know me in person-- you already know this. But after several years of essentially have the same hair color-- minus the black hair (ugh) and the awkward ombre-- I decided to go dark! And for once, I actually love it. 

On a side note- this was one of the greatest days of my life. That's Kris Durham and Matt Stafford (they play for the Detroit Lions and are former UGA football players), and I died a little when I met them. But yes, brown hair. 

No. 78
I traveled all over the southeast during the month of October it felt like. And that included some tailgating in Knoxville and Nashville. 

Now I only have to cross one more city off the list. I'm thinking sometime next football season I'll travel somewhere new!

No. 101
Since I've only accomplished 5 of my goals, I only donated $25, but I am so proud of everything this organization and executive board has done this year! A quarter of a million dollars is no small feat. 


No. 1
I've booked my spring break trip and I'm headed to Cozumel on a cruise in March!! Yay for leaving the country for the first time! Now I've got to go get a passport… 

No. 58
I've scheduled my facial, gifted to me by my best friend Callie for my birthday, for next week. I'll definitely write a post about it afterwards. I'm so pumped. 

I'm pumped to keep reaching new goals and trying new things!

xoxo, jgp

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