Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The "Type"

Brace yourselves, we're gettin' real tonight.

My friends constantly pester me about the fact that I have such a defined "type" of guy. Because it's so completely true. 

And it's funny because all through high school I dated guys that in no way fit that type… Other than the hair. Maybe. 

Any of my friends could clearly define "my type": tall, dark and handsome (read: fratty.) Not even kidding. I like my men freakishly tall (we're talking 6'5" and above), with only brown hair, and no cargo shorts (hence, the handsome.)

It's funny to me how the transition from high school to college can quite honestly change everything about how you view the world. When I arrived at UGA, I had a half-empty dorm closet full of clothes I wouldn't ever wear today. Now I have two (well, three if you count the one at home) closets completely packed with clothes. All of which my mother would never had purchased for me in high school. 

The same goes for guys I think.

College is such a growing experience, and I feel like so many things change in that first year on campus. I learned so much about the person I wanted to become and the type of person I wanted to be by my side for the wild ride. And that person resembles nobody I was interested in four years ago.

A few of my interests in high school were straight up duds. And looking back now I can't help but laugh at myself. Because the only kind of guy I could ever see myself with would have to be just as career driven as me. And tall, dark and handsome… Duh.

And I think it all goes back to that transition into college. There are thousands of guys you've never seen before and all different types roaming around that new campus and you finally get a sense of what works for you and what doesn't. At least that's what happened for me.

Whether it's something as simple as the way they look. Or something much more complicated like how career-driven they are. The college years teach you a lot about yourself and who fits you. 

So welcome, freshmen ladies… Embrace whatever place you are taking over this year and find yourself a man (because I'm still searching.) 

Oh, and embrace this… I promise, you'll need it. 

Did your "type" change during your time in college?

xoxo, jgp

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