Thursday, August 8, 2013

College Essentials: Protein Bars

Freshman year that meal plan can catch up with you. Especially if it's unlimited like it is here at UGA. I learned that first hand. Having dessert and cereal and pasta just waiting for you every day doesn't end well for this girl. My second semester I learned how important snacks can be to staying away from the dining hall. Oh, and the delivery. It's all bad news.

If you are half as busy as I am, there is a good chance you leave the house around 9 in the morning and sometimes don't get back until 10 at night. Unless I want to pack 3 meals for the day, I've got to have snacks with me that will tide me over until I can get home and eat a proper meal. 

As tempting as chips and other high calories snacks may be, if you've got a snack brought from home, you are more likely to eat it. 

And that's why I stick to protein bars. You can easily grab one or two and run out the door. But some protein bars really aren't all that good for you. They are too high in calories and sometimes even have too much protein in them depending on your daily calorie burn. It's also key to find one that actually tastes good. Because you aren't going to eat it if it tastes awful. 

Here are a couple of my favorite protein bars that keep me going when I'm running on empty. You may notice they are all Luna brand, the greatest thing ever:

8 or 9 grams of protein. 

LUNA Protein
12 grams of protein.

LUNA Fiber

7 grams of fiber. 110 calories. Delicious. 

All are high in calcium and folic acid 

The best prices on these I've ever found is a at Target. They are hidden away by the medicine with some other health foods/bars. 

xoxo, jgp 

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