Sunday, August 25, 2013


My apologies for falling off the face of the Earth for the past week. 

I'm three weeks behind in my classes. And we're only 2 weeks in. Overwhelmed is an understatement. So I'm gathering myself and I shall return later today or tomorrow.

I'm working on getting some posts together for the upcoming weeks. 

I still have to finish up my "College Essentials" series. And I should probably learn to take my own advice... And get myself together. 

Tomorrow my link-up with Alex at High Heels and Treadmills is gonna get started! I'm so excited to finally get that going. Maybe that will get my blog motivation back. 

Andddddd it's less than a week until the start of football season!!!!! I'm only a little bit excited. 

#GoDawgs #BeatClemson

Here's to a strong finish to the month of August and the start of football season. 

xoxo, jgp

Friday, August 16, 2013

College Essentials: Rain Jacket

In honor of the horrific weather we've had today, and all summer for that matter, I'm writing about something every college student 1000% must have.

A rain jacket.

Umbrellas just don't cut it on campus (And toting it around all day is a pain.) Especially during a storm. The number of umbrellas I've seen turned inside out on Sanford bridge. It's not pretty.

Going into my freshman year, I purchased a bright pink/coral rain jacket. A decision I now regret. As lovely as that jacket looked online, matching it with just about anything is impossible. And on rainy game days, I look like I'm colorblind. Reasons I purchased a black one.

My advice: Get a lightweight, neutral color rain jacket. Black, white, beige, navy, gray, etc. Stay away from bright ones. (And this chick loves everything bright and colorful.)

Here are a few of my favorites:

 They make this is white, black, and navy as well. I really like this color right now though. I think it's my urge for fall weather kicking in. 

Just like The North Face, Columbia is known for outdoor wear. This is a cheaper option for basically the same product. They are styled a little bit different, but that's about it.

I got one of these during the Marley Lilly flash sale a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to get it. I do believe this one has a fleece lining (I could be wrong), which would make it good for the late fall and into winter.

Have you already had to bust out your rain jacket?

xoxo, jgp

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

College Essentials: The Planner

Keeping it basic here.

If you are in college and don't live out of a planner, you are doing it all wrong.

And if you aren't really much of a "planner person," your best bet is buying one that is so freakin' cute, you'll want to find excuses to use it.

I have two go-to brands for planners: Lilly Pulitzer and Erin Condren. And now, kate spade makes planners. Count me in!

The original Lilly planners came in large and pocket sized. But the pocket sized was too bulky to really fit into a purse easily. This year, Lilly stepped up their game by making "luxe" planners as well as some monthly planners for people who are a low maintenance (or anyone who wants some a small/slim version for their purse.)
The large ones are perfect for the average student. You've got monthly pages, weekly pages, important event pages, and even some fun stickers. But if you've got a lot going on, like I do, I can't fit it all into the space in these agendas.

Erin Condren… Let's just have a moment (especially for the American flag one- dying.) My perfect planner. And the new ones for 2013-2014 are even better than before. I'm not purchasing one until the start of the new year, and I'm already excited.
Erin Condren is my new favorite. For just about everything. But planners in particular. The weekly pages are divided up into morning, noon, and night-- which is ideal for a person as busy as I am. Being able to look at my day in sections make it much easier to manage my time.
I'm currently using one of these and I'm in love. The only thing I dislike about these is the lack of space to make enough lists for each week. But that's only because I'm a crazy person. These planners are also pretty pricey, but so worth it. Check out the link at the top of this post to get the low-down on how awesome Erin Condren Life Planners are.

The kate spade planners look very similar to the Lilly ones. But the styling of them is so precious, in typical kate spade fashion. I love the fact that they still have a spiral binding, but it's hidden, giving it a very sleek look. If I didn't need so much space in my planner, I would snag one of these immediately. Maybe after I graduate...

Investing in a planner you will actually use is a necessity, so always look at the layout and pages of the planner before buying it. Make sure you have enough space for everything you need and that the organization of the planner fits your organization style. 

What kind of planner do you use?

xoxo, jgp

Monday, August 12, 2013

College Essentials: Running Shoes

And I'm back! 

Classes started back today so I spent the weekend enjoying one last bit of freedom before things got crazy again. Which brings me back to my next college essential post!

Whether you are a gym junkie or your idea of physical activity is shopping, you need some running shoes in college.

I'm not the type to dress up for class. In fact, I dress like a hobo 95% of the time. No shame. So running shoes are a huge part of my wardrobe. I also spend about 2 hours a day in the gym. So I get some good use out of these suckers.

Most college campuses aren't nearly as huge as UGA's, but walking to class in sandals is not in the cards for this girl. Especially when I was a freshman and basically had to walk everywhere I went.

Investing in a good pair of running/tennis shoes is also a good way to maybe motivate yourself to go for the occasional run if that's not normally your thing.

I'm all about Nike for my workout gear, but when it comes to my running shoes- Mizunos all the way. (If you've got high arches, I highly recommend them.)

Here are a few of my favorite options:

I actually just purchased these to replace my crazy turquoise ones!

I'm pretty sure Alex just purchased these.

Both of those come in some crazy colors too, if that's your thing! These might also be a good choice too:

Nike Free 5.0- $100.00

Nike Balanza- $100.00

Nike Free 5.0- $100.00
I love the dark shoe with a pop of color! I may invest in these as training shoes.

And if you are more of a basic shoe kinda girl, I didn't forget about you.

If you ever needed an excuse to go shoe shopping- now is the time! A good pair of running shoes are a girls' best friend. Pinky promise. 

What is your favorite brand/type of running shoe?

xoxo, jgp

Thursday, August 8, 2013

College Essentials: Protein Bars

Freshman year that meal plan can catch up with you. Especially if it's unlimited like it is here at UGA. I learned that first hand. Having dessert and cereal and pasta just waiting for you every day doesn't end well for this girl. My second semester I learned how important snacks can be to staying away from the dining hall. Oh, and the delivery. It's all bad news.

If you are half as busy as I am, there is a good chance you leave the house around 9 in the morning and sometimes don't get back until 10 at night. Unless I want to pack 3 meals for the day, I've got to have snacks with me that will tide me over until I can get home and eat a proper meal. 

As tempting as chips and other high calories snacks may be, if you've got a snack brought from home, you are more likely to eat it. 

And that's why I stick to protein bars. You can easily grab one or two and run out the door. But some protein bars really aren't all that good for you. They are too high in calories and sometimes even have too much protein in them depending on your daily calorie burn. It's also key to find one that actually tastes good. Because you aren't going to eat it if it tastes awful. 

Here are a couple of my favorite protein bars that keep me going when I'm running on empty. You may notice they are all Luna brand, the greatest thing ever:

8 or 9 grams of protein. 

LUNA Protein
12 grams of protein.

LUNA Fiber

7 grams of fiber. 110 calories. Delicious. 

All are high in calcium and folic acid 

The best prices on these I've ever found is a at Target. They are hidden away by the medicine with some other health foods/bars. 

xoxo, jgp 

College Essentials: Coffee

With most colleges starting back in the next two weeks, I figured now was the perfect time for a college blog series. 

Seeing as I'm going to be a senior this year, I feel like maybe, just maybe, I've finally got this whole college thing figured out a little bit.

So I figured I should pass on some of the knowledge I've picked up the last 3 years. I tried to base this entire series on what you need at almost any University, but obviously it's semi-tailored to UGA. Given that it's the only place I know.

First thing every single college student needs is a coffee maker. Of some sort.

If you don't like coffee, learn to like it. I promise, you will not survive college without caffeine. 

When I got to college, I was semi-particular about my coffee. I never really liked it when it was just coffee and creamer made at home. Learn to love it. You will save yourself tons of money and when you are experiencing a late-night study session and can't make a Starbucks run, you've got to have back-up.

It's also a great way to make friends if you live on a hallway like I did. I would make a pot of coffee at 10 PM and I had extras. Best way to get rid of them, roam the hall and see who is up and needs a pick-me-up. Worked every time. People love you when you provide them with coffee.

The best coffee maker for small spaces is definitely a Keurig, although it's not a good way to make friends. My freshman year I had a small baby pot that made about 2-3 cups worth of coffee. And sometimes I'd drink it all myself. The struggle.

Here are my favorite choices for a college coffee maker:

Can you say precious?

This one is very similar to the one I had freshman year. It's great as 2-year investment of sorts. I got a Keurig (like the one above) going into my junior year and I absolutely couldn't live without it.

I promise this is one thing you won't regret investing in. If the budget is tight, stick with the Mr. Coffee one. Save up and get yourself a Keurig later. 

xoxo, jgp 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The "Type"

Brace yourselves, we're gettin' real tonight.

My friends constantly pester me about the fact that I have such a defined "type" of guy. Because it's so completely true. 

And it's funny because all through high school I dated guys that in no way fit that type… Other than the hair. Maybe. 

Any of my friends could clearly define "my type": tall, dark and handsome (read: fratty.) Not even kidding. I like my men freakishly tall (we're talking 6'5" and above), with only brown hair, and no cargo shorts (hence, the handsome.)

It's funny to me how the transition from high school to college can quite honestly change everything about how you view the world. When I arrived at UGA, I had a half-empty dorm closet full of clothes I wouldn't ever wear today. Now I have two (well, three if you count the one at home) closets completely packed with clothes. All of which my mother would never had purchased for me in high school. 

The same goes for guys I think.

College is such a growing experience, and I feel like so many things change in that first year on campus. I learned so much about the person I wanted to become and the type of person I wanted to be by my side for the wild ride. And that person resembles nobody I was interested in four years ago.

A few of my interests in high school were straight up duds. And looking back now I can't help but laugh at myself. Because the only kind of guy I could ever see myself with would have to be just as career driven as me. And tall, dark and handsome… Duh.

And I think it all goes back to that transition into college. There are thousands of guys you've never seen before and all different types roaming around that new campus and you finally get a sense of what works for you and what doesn't. At least that's what happened for me.

Whether it's something as simple as the way they look. Or something much more complicated like how career-driven they are. The college years teach you a lot about yourself and who fits you. 

So welcome, freshmen ladies… Embrace whatever place you are taking over this year and find yourself a man (because I'm still searching.) 

Oh, and embrace this… I promise, you'll need it. 

Did your "type" change during your time in college?

xoxo, jgp

Sunday, August 4, 2013


I don't know what it is, but lately I've felt this urge to travel the world. If only I had all of the world's money. 

Maybe it's the end of summer that's got me all out of whack or because everywhere I look, someone is traveling and I so badly wish I could be with them. I also think it may be rooted in the fact that sooner or later I'm going to graduate college and I won't have summers off for vacations and my friends won't either. 

It was all probably sparked by the little bit of "traveling" I did in July, primarily my trip to Nashville. Seeing one awesome city tends to spark my urge to see more. All I know, is if this keeps up- I'm going to go stir-crazy in Athens over the next few months. 

A few of the places I'm currently wander-lusting over:

The Maldives

I'm pretty sure this all started with the book I read a couple weeks ago. I'm a total beach bum. I would love nothing more than to be able to just float away to an island for a few weeks. And this is pure paradise.

Cozumel, Mexico

This is all because my best friend is currently on a cruise there. Without me. And her sister keeps posting the best pictures on Instagram of their trip. I can't even handle it anymore. Spring break cruise? I think so.

San Diego, California

Everyone I've talked to in the past month, I swear, has told me that San Diego is their favorite city ever. And I can't seem to get it out of my mind. It's pretty much the perfect city for me. On the water. Super close to amazing beaches. But still a decent sized city. There is a very good chance I'll be traveling here very soon.

Chicago, Illinois

Once again: on the water but still a big city. Everyone says the winters suck here, but something tells me at some point or another, I'm going to end up living here. I've never been, but I have this feeling that it's my perfect live-in city. Must visit. Soon. 

Where have you visited lately that you loved? Or where are you wanting to visit?

xoxo, jgp 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Currently Reading: Confessions of a Shopaholic

To say I'm a little late on this book is an understatement. But I never saw the movie and I have my own personal shopaholic problem. So I figured I should read this. 

And I'm glad I did. 

One thing is for certain- I am not nearly as bad off as this chick. My life could be worse. But I can also relate to the descriptions of how excited she gets when she buys new stuff. And that's what scares me.

I had a hard time really getting into this one, but now I'm that a little more than halfway through, I'm really enjoying it. It doesn't hurt that the main character is a journalist. So I can relate to her in more ways than one. 

It's a pretty easy summer read that I think most young women can relate to. Struggling to find a job you love and enjoy while trying to make money and not spend it all shopping. That will be me… Soon enough. (Eek!)

Now I guess I'll have to watch the movie. Which came out in 2009… I'm a little late.

Have you read this book/seen the movie? Did you think you could relate to Becky's struggles?

xoxo, jgp 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fitness Friday Link-Up

July was a quite a month for this girl. And as awesome as it was, I'm beyond ready for a fresh start this August. Because it turns out that having fun and hopping all over the Southeast isn't particularly great for a healthy lifestyle.

Which leads me to my link-up: Fitness Friday.

Last Friday I talked about how much I missed my gym. And I've finally got it back in my life and I'm already so excited. It's funny how just getting back to something that feels familiar will put you right back in a routine. 

I had done such a good job of eating right and kicking some butt in the gym all summer. Until July hit. If you haven't kept up with all that, just check out my last few posts. Utter chaos.

I fell off the wagon. Big time. Traveling back and forth and celebrating birthdays and eating like a king and not sleeping (like, ever) apparently isn't a good way to stay in shape. I'm almost positive I've gained about 10 pounds in the past month. So I've got about a week or two to get myself back on track before the semester gets out of control. 

My life savers?

If you've never seen either of these products before, let me be the first to tell you that they are absolutely amazing. I use them both to help me completely monitor my day. I've found that the combination of the two is ideal for someone who maybe needs a little bit more help keeping up with fitness/health while living a busy lifestyle. 

I wear my UP band throughout the day to monitor the number of steps I take, how well I sleep, and to track my food. You have to manually input workouts on the band though, which brings me to my Polar watch. 

This watch comes with a HRM strap that you have to wear while working out. With this strap, the watch can accurately tell you how many calories you burn in a workout based on your heart rate. Because, believe it or not, those numbers you see on your workout machine aren't always right. Now I can't workout without this watch on, I feel like I'm wasting my life away... Because I'm weird. 

If you are looking to effectively monitor your calories burned during your day, I highly, highly, highly suggest you invest in these little technology nuggets. It really has changed the way I workout and it has helped me track my overall health in so many ways. 

I started back to my normal schedule yesterday using these two and I'm so ready to get back on track with my fitness this month. 

If you've got any questions about these products or any other ones, ask away- I love helping!

Do you have either of these? How much do you love them?

xoxo, jgp