Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Link-Up! {Fitness Friday}

My best friend Alex at High Heels and Treadmills is part of a new link-up: Fitness Friday. So out of support for her and her blog, I'm going to do her link-up today as well!

If you know me personally, you've heard me talk a lot about how much I absolutely love my gym in Athens, Omni Club. While I've been away from Athens these past few weeks, I've been going to the LA Fitness I used to use here in Kennesaw. 

After a few weeks of attempting to get myself motivated here, it just hasn't worked. I just can't find motivation at this gym for some reason and it's slowly driving me crazy. I'm scared my mom is going to kill me if I talk about Omni one more time, but there is seriously something different about that gym that makes me want to work a little harder.

I'm going to credit the group fitness trainers there. That's what I've been missing the most here. I can take a cycle class, but that's about it. And the ones at LA just don't push me hard enough. I need some Power and Total Body Challenge back in my life. 

Good news is, I'm heading back to Athens soon enough. 

Have you ever experienced this before? Do you really think a specific gym can change your gym mindset?

xoxo, jgp

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  1. Thanks boo! Love you so many! Ps. I want to do total body challenge in the very near future.