Monday, June 10, 2013

The Summer of Netflix

It's fairly obvious that my goals for the summer have changed. Without an internship, I'm just chilling in Athens trying to find something to do with my time. 

Obviously, the answer is Netflix. 

Last summer I spent 95% of my time painting coolers. So Netflix was my distraction, but once I moved and school started up, Netflix was put on the back burner. Priorities, duh.

But I have all of the time in the world this summer, so here's what I'm watching:

Friday Night Lights
I started this last summer and got through 3 seasons. But I've got 2 left and I've forgotten it all. So I'm starting over. And I don't hate it.

Mad Men
I'm about 2 seasons behind right now and it's driving me crazy. This is seriously one of my favorite shows, but I never have time to watch it live.

Dawson's Creek
Another show I started, but fell off the wagon with. Must finish... so much teenage angst. 

The West Wing
I've only seen bits and pieces of this show, but I'm pretty sure I'll love it. 

House of Cards
Another political themed show to watch this summer. Maybe I'll learn something and become all prestigious or something?

I've also got a million documentaries in my Instant Queue, mostly about sports, i.e. ESPN's 30 for 30. My favorite.

The other night I watched an awesome movie on Netflix too! The Switch with Jennifer Anniston (girl crush) and Jason Bateman. 
I may or may not have cried a little bit.

What are y'all watching on Netflix? Suggestions are appreciated!

xoxo, jgp

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  1. and dont forget, since you're in Athens you can do orientations this summer! there is 45 minutes a day for three days every week to use up some of your time!