Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh, How Lucky...

I love (read: hate) looking back at pictures from my freshman year at UGA because my sense of style was SO different than it is right now... as in-- there was none.

I didn't own a pair of wedges until the spring of that year. And I never wore heels out. Ever.

Now I feel goofy if I'm downtown without some sort of heel on. (Unless, of course, my cowboy boots look better with said outfit.) Despite the fact that I'm normally 6 feet tall with heels on. Whatever.

Truth be told, I only own one pair of "going out" wedges that are comfortable to make it through the entire night out. Of course they are all black Steve Madden's... a sophomore year purchase. WINNING.

Sadly, I only have one photo of me in said shoes...

Moving on!

As I've documented several times, I have a serious online shopping addiction. And a couple of weeks ago, HauteLook had some Lucky Brand stuff on sale. And I jumped on that REAL quick. 

Unfortunately, none of the clothes I purchased worked out, but I ended up with the perfect pair of summer wedges!

I'm absolutely obsessed with these and I can't wait to wear them every time I get a chance. I like them because unlike my black ones, which really cant only be wore on a night out, these can be worn anytime. The are just casual enough to wear during the day, but can definitely be worn on a night out.

Oh, and they are soooooo comfortable. Perfection.

They aren't on sale at HauteLook anymore, but I found them at a couple of different places online. The store with the most size options was Macy's. 

Have you found your perfect summer wedges?

xoxo, jgp

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