Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NYR Update

The way I decided to do my New Years Resolutions this year was a little different. I was hoping it would make things more interesting. Well, it has. Kind of. 

January's resolution was ORGANIZATION.
To be completely honest... total, epic, tragic failure.

This happened multiple times. The struggle was real. My trip in mid-January to NYC didn't help the madness either. And my planners were a hot mess after Syllabus week. I let my life get out of hand and it ran away from me. Fast. I literally woke up one morning and realized I had completely forgotten about the homework I had due that morning. Didn't do it. At all.

It was THAT kind of month.

So, I spent this past weekend getting it all back together and I think (fingers crossed) that I finally am back on top of things again. 

Now on to the lovely, stressfully short month of February! 
My resolution is fitness, for obvious reasons (read: SB13). And so far, so good. Part of this resolution was based on trying new things with my workouts. Today I'm trying out group fitness classes at my gym! I normally don't dig these things, but I'm giving it at try. Why not?

I really have kicked into high gear with my workouts this month, including having to carefully plan out the times I'm going to work out. I have found that by scheduling gym time for the week on Sundays, I am more likely to stick with my planned workouts. It's all in the planning!

How are your resolutions coming along?

xoxo, jgp

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